People in a coworking space looking out a window

5 Ways Coworking Boosts Your Career

When the coworking movement started twelve years ago, it was greeted with plenty of skepticism. Could joining a shared workspace really help independent professionals work better? Despite the skepticism, the movement spread quickly and people soon came to realize how effective these spaces could be. These days, the verdict is clear: coworking spaces like Office Evolution® are spaces where careers flourish and workers thrive.

Nothing underscored this reality more clearly than a report by the Harvard Business Review in 2015. Researchers from the University of Michigan were studying what factors allowed employees to thrive at their highest levels. When they examined the data, the researchers were shocked to find that workers in coworking environments reported thriving at “unheard of” levels compared to workers in traditional offices.

These researchers aren’t the only ones to notice the benefits of shared work environments. At Office Evolution, our coworking community is home to a thriving professional community — a community that fosters productivity, job satisfaction, and career success.

We’ve seen the benefits to working in a shared workplace. Now, we’re sharing the secrets behind why professionals thrive in coworking spaces.

Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Shared workplaces boast a number of advantages over traditional work environments and home offices. If you’re thinking about joining a local coworking space, here are five key benefits that you can expect.

  1. Community. Shared workspaces foster a stronger sense of community than other work environments. Without having to worry about office politics, corporate culture, or forced interactions, workers feel more at ease being themselves. Relationships, meanwhile, develop more naturally and comfortably. The result is a stronger, happier, more motivated professional community.
  2. Collaboration. Coworking environments like Office Evolution are known for being collaborative workspaces. Traditional offices tend to silo workers by skillset, and home offices keep workers disconnected from other professionals. But in a shared workplace, different skillsets and perspectives are constantly colliding. This encourages conversation, fosters teamwork, and sparks new ideas.
  3. Networking. The same factors that make shared work environments ideal for collaboration also make them ideal for networking. On any given day, you’re surrounded by a diverse professional community, one made up of freelancers, remote workers, and small business owners in a wide range of industries. That opens up an extraordinary range of opportunity.
  4. Freedom. Joining a shared workspace gives independent professionals a level of flexibility they won’t find in a typical workplace. You have total control over your schedule, your priorities, and the way you approach your work.
  5. Productivity. A number of the above benefits make workers more productive in shared work environments. These spaces also make it easier to focus, helping you minimize distractions and feed off the energy of other motivated professionals. Workplaces like Office Evolution also leverage principles of productive workspace design to further boost worker productivity.

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