A virtual receptionist with a headset

6 Advantages of a Virtual Receptionist

If you’re an entrepreneur or busy professional, phone management can be a major problem. Every time the phone rings, you need to decide between your workflow and the contact on the other end of the line. Office Evolution® has the perfect answer: a virtual receptionist.

Our virtual answering services offer you the benefits of a personal receptionist at a fraction of the cost, giving you a more professional image while making your workflow more manageable. Below, we take a look at some of the biggest advantages to a virtual answering service plan, along with why Office Evolution is the perfect place to sign up for live answering services.

Why You Need a Virtual Receptionist

  1. Reduce workday disruptions. Researchers have found that it takes 23 minutes on average to resume a task after an interruption. Nearly 20% of tasks take a day or longer to resume. A call answering service can help you cut down on distracting phone calls, helping you maintain a more focused and productive workflow.
  2. Improve customer service. If your work involves frequent conversations with clients or customers, a live answering service can be invaluable. These services are staffed by skilled customer service professionals, ensuring every caller to your business not only speaks with a real person but also receives a friendly greeting and personalized service.
  3. 24/7 availability. No single person can be available 24/7. But if your clients operate on a different schedule from you, or if you’re frequently tied up with other work, a large volume of incoming calls will go straight to voicemail. A virtual answering service means every caller speaks with a live agent, no matter the time of day or your availability.
  4. Budget-friendly answering. Before call-answering services became widely available, the alternative was to hire a full-time receptionist. That’s an exceedingly expensive investment for most professionals. A live answering service is a much more budget-friendly choice, costing roughly 10%-20% of what you’d spend on a new employee.
  5. Professional services. A virtual receptionist at Office Evolution has advantages beyond those of a typical live answering service. All our call-answering plans come with discounts on professional resources, like meeting room rentals at our location, while our Professional Plan Plus includes a business address plan, $60 of monthly meeting room credits, and 24/7 access to our co-working space.
  6. 100+ extra hours of productivity. The best reason to sign up for a virtual receptionist plan at Office Evolution is simple: it offers a proven boost in productivity. Our basic phone answering plan saves the average client 2+ hours of work per week, giving you 100+ added hours of productivity each year.

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