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8 Tips to Boost Motivation When the Going Gets Tough

Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough – 8 Motivational Tips for the Office

We’ve all been there: that middle-of-the-day slog where it feels like rolling a boulder up a hill to get anything done. What do you do when it’s hard to keep pushing for one more completed project? Here’s how to stay motivated at work.

1. Decrease Noise in Your Environment… or Increase It

How do you work best: silence or tons of background noise? If you’re finding it hard to concentrate, try switching up the sounds in your workspace. Turn off the TV, find a background noise or white noise generator to block ambient sounds, create a private office where you can close the door, or pop on a playlist on low. You obviously have the most control over what’s in your work environment at home, but a pair of headphones or earplugs can work wonders at a group office.

2. Make a To-Do List and Check Things Off When You’re Done

Keeping track of what you need to do and when you’ve done it helps your brain track non-concrete tasks. If you find it hard to keep track through an online task management system, try using a physical item, like a planner or whiteboard, to boost your professional motivation. Being able to cross an item off your to-do list feels so satisfying because it immediately doses your brain with dopamine, the “feel-good neurotransmitter.” Plus, tracking how much you’ve completed will give you tangible evidence that you haven’t been wasting your day.

To-do lists are also great for breaking down daunting tasks. Don’t just write down the big task and let it intimidate you; break it down into smaller chunks that you know you can handle.

3. Set Deadlines, Even If Your Boss Doesn’t

Nothing gets shoved to the bottom of the work pile faster than an item you can get back to your boss “whenever.” Create a sense of urgency by giving yourself a deadline and writing it on your calendar or other work tracking system. Make sure you don’t overbook yourself or schedule too little time for the task, but give some thought to when this project would be the most useful to have completed. For example, if your manager wants you to write some evergreen content for the blog, aim to have it done when you know there’s a gap in scheduled blog posts.

4. See Your Work in Action

One of the best ways to stay productive is to remember why you do what you do. Make time to look at your impact: on the company, your users, or both. Look for the signs of your effort at work. That could look like ‘thank you’ emails from colleagues, published work on your company site, a news article covering an event you helped lead, or more. And make an effort to call out the impact of other people’s work when you see it. A quick thank you or shoutout to a helpful colleague makes everyone feel more confident in what they do.

5. Increase Your Workload

Wait, hear us out. If you’re already overstressed, this isn’t the tip for you, but if you’re feeling bored or disengaged at work, you could be lacking challenge. Whether you need a few more complicated tasks or even change the scope of your position, taking on new or more challenging work can help break you out of a rut and boost professional motivation. You also get the potential bonus of learning new skills that can make you an even more invaluable team member.

6. Be a Team Player

Not every job can be done as part of a team, but having colleagues around often helps motivate us to stay more focused at work. Ask your coworkers for their opinions on your latest project, open yourself up to constructive criticism, or even just work in the same room without directly collaborating. With others around to keep you accountable, you may find it easier to stay on task. Coworking spaces are great for meeting up with colleagues to collaborate with and motivate each other.

7. Watch for Burnout

One bad day is normal; it happens to us all. If you see a pattern of a day-to-day struggle to focus and motivate yourself, it may be time to take a step back. When was the last time you took a break? Is your workload more than you can keep up with? Do you have creative burnout from a job heavily focused on constantly coming up with new ideas? If your motivation problems span more than a few days, consider getting some outside guidance to improve your quality of life.

8. Switch Up Your Space

A change of scenery may be just what you need to jumpstart your motivation. This can range from going on a walk during your lunch break to renting a new private workspace. If you work from home, having an office separate from where you sleep and relax creates habits that your brain associates with working. But not everyone has the luxury of a designated and productive home office. The simple act of leaving your home to go into a dedicated workspace can help keep you motivated to finish your to-do list.

Boost Motivation and Keep Up the Good Work

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