Award: Peggy Barron-Antolin OE Franchisee

Congratulations to Peggy Barron-Antolin on receiving the Small Business Advocate of the Year Award for the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce.

At first glance, you may think Peggy is a seasoned entrepreneur with years of experience under her belt. However, the reality for this self-diagnosed introvert is quite the opposite.

Due to a job loss late in her career, Peggy was led into entrepreneurship. She knew how to follow a plan and found her calling with Office Evolution. Investing in an Office Evolution franchise, she opened her first Office Evolution location in Greensboro, NC in December of 2017 and opened her second location in High Point, NC in October 2019.

Office Evolution is more than just a shared workspace provider; it is a community-driven support team that connects you with other professionals in the area. It’s here that Members experience tailored services, a unique working atmosphere, and inclusion within the community while getting the support they need to maximize their businesses’ potential.

Peggy Barron-Antolin said, “Since launching my business in 2016 many people have coached me, provided guidance, presented opportunities, and helping make valuable connections. I’ve made it a point to do the same for others. And, that’s actually the aspect of my business that in find the most satisfying.

She continued to say, “Helping a business find the right resource, or a service provider, or connect them with a potential client, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. When these opportunities are productive, I value the success of everyone involved. It’s become my passions to see our members grow and thrive even in these unprecedented times.

Please join us and the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, in recognizing Peggy Barron-Antolin as the 2020 Small Business Advocate of the Year.

Congratulations Peggy!

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