Build a Better Brand with Your Office Space

There’s a reason why location is the biggest priority in real estate. Where your business lives can say a lot about its perceived caliber. 

People know that businesses in high traffic areas are paying good money to be there, which automatically projects an image of success. On the other hand, businesses that don’t invest in their physical space may seem like they’re struggling or simply don’t care about their client’s perceptions, both of which can have a negative impact on your brand.

A good location can be the difference between success and failure, and finding the right private office space to call home isn’t something to consider as an afterthought. 


Can a Private Office Impact Your Brand?

Your brand is the identity that helps to separate you from your competitors. When people think of your brand, certain images, thoughts, or words come to mind that will ultimately shape their opinion of your business. 

Whether you choose a private office or a storefront in a shopping mall, your location represents your brand. It’s one of the many ways your customers experience your business, and therefore plays a role in projecting the image you want others to have about your company.

For example, if you have a private office, others may automatically think you have a successful business. If your office is in a prominent location, others may associate you with other distinguished businesses in that area. If your office is clean, modern, and well landscaped, it shows you care about how others see you and want to set the right expectations for their experience.

As the business owner, you’re in control of shaping public perception about your brand. Bringing your business’s location into the conversation can create a consistent image that not only says what you want it to but also ensures your customers will believe it. 

How to Build a Better Brand with the Right Office Space

Location can influence your business’s success in a number of ways. Location can determine the type of customers you attract, particularly as walkability becomes an increasingly important factor in a business’s success. 

Every business has its own priorities when it comes to finding office space. From a branding perspective, here are a few considerations you’ll need to include in your search:

private-office-7Set the Tone Early

Appearance can make a lasting impression on customer perceptions. If your office space looks rundown or neglected from the outside, customers may believe your business operates with that same lack of effort.

However, if you have an executive office in a space that looks brand new (or at least has been well taken care of), then customers may associate that image of perfection with your business. 

Your office space can set the tone for the entire customer experience, so make sure the outward appearance measures up to the internal operations.

Increase Visibility

Some locations have better visibility than others. A business in high traffic areas, such as a strip mall or city center, will be in a better position to capitalize on foot traffic than a stand-alone location.

However, one thing to consider here is the quality of the passing traffic. Visibility is meaningless unless the right people are seeing you. Think about your target audience, what their needs are, where they frequent, and where you might be best positioned to get on their radar. 

Consider Your Neighbors

The surrounding businesses contribute to the image of a location, so do a little research on your neighbors before committing to an office space. Your best tool to do this is to connect with businesses in person. Ask what they like and don’t like about working in the area. Talk to them about other businesses in the area and how they affect the overall vibe. 

Remember, the quality of your neighbors can have an impact on your own brand. If you’re doing business in the proximity of businesses that aren’t reputable or otherwise aren’t successful, your brand image could potentially take a hit.

Locate Your Competition

There may be a lot of businesses in a particular area that do what you do, but that shouldn’t necessarily bar you from a location. Moving your business to this type of area can be a strategic move. There’s clearly a need for businesses in your niche, and the area is likely a prime spot for the types of customers you serve. 

However, it can also mean greater competition for you, and more competition could affect supply and demand dynamics. Find out what others are charging for the services you offer and see if it aligns with your own pricing strategy. You may find there’s lots of business potential, but not at a price for you to make it work for yourself.

Office reception area with desk and supplies.

Cater to the Client Experience

If you plan on entertaining clients in person, the location carries greater weight. Small details like parking or office accessibility can have a huge impact on customer experience. For example, customers may hesitate to visit you in person if they have to circle the block looking for street parking or walk half a mile to your office.

Once they arrive at your private office, what will they encounter? Does the atmosphere seem pleasant and inviting? Does it highlight your business’s personality and represent your brand image? Are there enough signs for clients to find their way to your door?

Look at the office space through the eyes of a newcomer. If something is unclear or doesn’t present the right impression, either find a way to fix it or find a different office.

Assess Your Access to Talent

Hiring the right employees is a major consideration for businesses. Your talent has a lot to do with your business’s brand image and overall success, but the location itself can be a barrier to entry for prospective employees.

For example, putting your business in an office that’s difficult to access during rush hour traffic can be a turnoff to commuters. If you’re in a neighborhood comprised mostly of older adults, the chances of standing out to college graduates are likely slim.

If you have remote workers, you’ll need an office with reliable internet so you can stay in touch. It’s also a good idea to look for an office that offers a meeting room that’s set up for teleconferences.

What Do You Want Your Brand to Say?

Branding isn’t just a slogan and logo, but rather a comprehensive image of your business. 

When exploring your private office options, it’s essential to bring your brand into the conversation. When office space becomes part of that image, you’re creating consistency in the vision you have for your company and shaping how you want others to see you. Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and take a tour to see how our well-appointed spaces can complement and amplify your brand.