Business Center Manager Spotlight: Callie Lopshire-Bratt, Walnut Creek, CA

The Spotlight’s on Business Center Manager

Callie Lopshire-Bratt in Walnut Creek, CA

Are you a dreamer, risk-taker, or doer?

I am definitely a doer, with a little sprinkle of dreamer thrown in. I’m working on growing my risk-taker side, inspired by my members throughout 2020.

What do you enjoy most about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs?

Watching my members’ businesses grow and flourish is such a privilege! I love checking in with them— I get to hear about their challenges and successes, and for me, helping them brainstorm solutions to their challenges is particularly satisfying. It’s a really special role that I have, and I really enjoy every aspect of it!

How many members (businesses) do your support in your location?

I support 10 office members and almost 50 virtual members at our Walnut Creek Center, and my center is still growing!

What is just one thing you do that adds value to the members’ experience?

I work really hard to learn about each of my member’s families, dreams, goals, and other aspects of their lives so I can make the office feel a little bit more like a home-away-from-home. Representing their business to other members of our center and the community is also very important to me. It’s a real joy to watch members interact with each other personally and professionally after introducing them to one another.

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