Business Center Manager Spotlight: Jeanne Myers

Are you a dreamer, risk-taker, or doer?

I am a dreamer, risk-taker, and a doer—they are all connected. As a dreamer, I believe that you need to create goals and visualize them, then focus your thoughts on making those dreams come true. In order to move forward with your dreams, you have to be a risk taker. And, to make those dreams a reality, you have to take action by being a doer. In the past, I have had my own business and have worked alongside other entrepreneurs launching three other new businesses. I love the challenge and excitement of creating new ideas and businesses. I’m my opinion, supporting the growth of my members is so important.

What do you enjoy most about supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs?

My position as a Business Center Manager at Office Evolution enables me to do what I love— working with and supporting other small business owners and entrepreneurs every day! I was drawn to OE because of the Ohana “family” culture, which supports my belief in the importance of building relationships. By building relationships with my members, together we all share the excitement as a “family” when their businesses achieve new goals and accomplishments.

How many members (businesses) do your support in your location?

I support 17 office members and 15 virtual members at my OE location in Longmont, Colorado.

What is just one thing you do that adds value to the members’ experience?

I have had members call me “mother hen” because I take care of all my members’ needs. By providing exceptional customer service, I am present, on site, for them every day to help ensure their day is as comfortable and productive as possible. My members know that if they have any issues, I will address them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most importantly, they know they can take a break from their office to visit me. We bounce ideas off of each other and talk about any stressors that they may have. I love the personal connection I have with my members! Our members are our top priority at Office Evolution!

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