Commercial Property Executive on the Growth in Flexible Office Space in South Florida

Office Evolution’s Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak highlights the “power of local ownership.”

Both traditional industries and new start-ups have changed course during the pandemic, recognizing that they can operate successfully from several locations, according to Commercial Property Executive. As a result, the flexible workspace options in South Florida have seen a significant uptick in growth, with employees demanding affordable workspace close to home.

Office Evolution has retained its membership during a challenging 18 months largely thanks to the franchise owners and business center managers who have formed bonds with members.

“The power of local ownership became very real during the pandemic,” notes Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak, Office Evolution’s chief development and marketing officer. “Each Office Evolution location is owned by a passionate and dedicated franchisee who lives and works in the same community their location serves. Our model allows them to combine their expertise to create these knowledgeable and strong ownership groups.”

Safe Locations, Healthy Environments

Office Evolution spaces are typically located on the first or second floors, so members can avoid crowded elevators. The model also features a high percentage of private offices, allowing for social distancing by their very nature. And because the offices are established in suburban locations, members typically drive to work rather than use public transportation.

Affordable and Flexible

For a traditional company, facility expenses are the second-largest fixed line budget item, second only to salaries. “If given a choice, why would any company put their entire property portfolio in long-term fixed leases?” asks Pirrotti-Dranchak.

While the pandemic helped demonstrate that the workforce can be productive at home, it also underscored the desire for human connection, the value of relationships, and the need for leadership and mentorship within companies. Reports indicate that more than half of employees want hybrid schedules that would allow them to work from home at least part of the time. Employers are now offering a lot more flexibility to their employees.

The best way for any business to stay on top is to embrace change and be nimble, Pirrotti-Dranchak adds. “No business can afford to be complacent with their current real estate strategy, because change is inevitable.”

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