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| April 15, 2022

Office evolution hillsboro featured in the hillsboro news-times | office evolution

Though Office Evolution was started long before COVID-19 forced changes to the modern workforce, our business model has...

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| April 1, 2022

Can changing your working area change your productivity? | office evolution

Chances are, you are familiar with the “mid-morning slump,” the “post-lunch slump,” or the “end of day slump” tropes,...

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| March 28, 2022

New lease signed in troy, mi

Please join us in congratulating Colleen and Brandon Budde on signing a lease for their first OE in Troy, MI, expected...

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| March 15, 2022

Determining how much office space your business needs | office evolution

If you think through all the places you have worked, you will likely notice that they all have one thing in common:...

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| March 1, 2022

Why taking breaks actually helps you work better | office evolution

If you work in a high-stress role where you have a laundry list of tasks to get done every day, you may be used to...

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| February 15, 2022

Is coworking a good fit for you? | office evolution

If you have been following workplace trends in recent years, you have likely heard of coworking—but do you know exactly...

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