Coworking in Salt Lake City Can Boost Your Career

If you’re looking for a change of pace from your usual workplace, a coworking membership in downtown Salt Lake City might sound appealing. It might also change your career.

Most people rent a coworking space to give themselves a distraction-free work environment in a convenient location. But professionals often get much, much more from these spaces than they first expected. In fact, coworking spaces have proven to be such effective places for work that some employers in Salt Lake City are now providing shared workspace memberships to their employees. Others are redesigning their own workplaces to mimic shared work environments.

So what exactly makes these spaces so effective? And why are forward-thinking professionals now hunting for a local coworking space in downtown Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

At Office Evolution® Downtown Salt Lake City, we’ve been at the forefront of Utah’s shared workspace movement. Our workspace is home to one of our state’s most dynamic coworking communities, a space where professionals thrive and careers take big leaps. Here’s why shared workspaces like ours have proven so popular in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah.

  1. Supportive Community. A shared workplace doesn’t just give you a great place to work — it also gives you a place within a professional community. On average, members of shared workspaces report a stronger, more supportive sense of community at their workplaces. These spaces lack the politics, competition, and pressure to fit in that tend to plague office environments, creating a space where relationships develop more naturally and comfortably.
  2. Professional Diversity. Shared workspaces are highly valued for their professional diversity, bringing workers of all different backgrounds together. Graphic designers work alongside entrepreneurs. Coders spend their lunch breaks chatting with investment advisors. Marketers grab coffees with corporate consultants. Professional circles become wider within these communities, opening up new opportunities for workers who are part of them.
  3. Collaborative Workspace. At Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City, our sense of community and professional diversity combine to make the perfect collaborative workspace. These qualities encourage interactions and open lines of communication within the workspace, creating opportunities for teamwork, innovation, and creative collaboration.
  4. Flexibility and Productivity. People are more productive in coworking spaces like Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City. These spaces give you total flexibility over your work-life, so you can work according to whatever schedule works best for you. At the same time, you have access to a distraction-free spacewhenever you need one — perfect if you’re worried about interruptions when working from home.
  5. Resources and Equipment. With a shared workspace membership, you have access to resources and amenities that a home office or corner coffee shop simply can’t provide. At Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City, these include free coffee and tea, community office equipment, a fully-equipped break room, and discounts on other work space for rent, including rentals for meeting rooms and day offices.

Unsure if a shared workspace is right for you? Why not find out? At Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City, you can get a free hour of shared workspace access to get a taste of the coworking lifestyle. You’ll also get a chance to learn more about our shared workspace membership options.

Located in the historic Walker Center, we’re the perfect place for anyone who lives or works in downtown Salt Lake City or a nearby neighborhood like Sugar House, Mill Creek, Murray, or Midvale.

Call us today at 801-590-4501 to learn more about coworking at Office Evolution Downtown Salt Lake City.