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Coworking Trends for 2022: Are We Heading Back to the Office?

The major disruptions of the pandemic are mostly behind us and workers are heading back to the office. Those offices include coworking and flexible workspaces. Coworking spaces had become increasingly popular worldwide before COVID and as we reemerge from our temporary workspaces, the trend continues. Coworking spaces continue to offer professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and service providers a more flexible and collaborative working environment with social interaction opportunities and flexible office space, fostering productivity through cooperation.

As we all reestablish our best office options, more and more people are opting for a flexible work environment that allows them to be productive and thrive while separating their office from their home. So, what does that look like?

Top Coworking Trends for 2022

The modern workplace continues to evolve, which is why coworking spaces were on the rise. They are designed to suit the needs of workers who value flexibility and productivity. We found three coworking trends that are set to define the industry in 2022:

1. Multiuse Areas

Flexible office space can accommodate a variety of activities. This means that useful space will need to have areas that can be used for different purposes and those areas will need to be easily accessed and rotated into use.

Flexible workspaces with areas for working, meeting, private calls, group workshops, socializing, etc. will be ideal. This will allow people to use the space in the way that best suits their needs at any time.

2. Corporate Coworking Growth

Before the pandemic, big businesses incorporated coworking and other flexible workspace options into their corporate office strategy. As larger companies continue to see the benefits of working across multiple floors, in different locations, and with other businesses, corporate demand for coworking and flexible space will continue to grow.

This will provide companies with a way to allow their employees to work remotely while still providing them with the opportunity to come together for meetings and other events.

3. Wellness Design and Programming

With the increased focus on wellness, it is no surprise that office spaces are incorporating wellness in their offerings. From healthy food options to providing gym access, yoga classes, or meditation rooms, flexible office spaces are also looking to help their members live a balanced life while they work and are providing access to more of these services.

Professionals are prioritizing quality, safety, health, and well-being in all aspects of their daily life. This includes choosing workspace locations with features and services that promote mental and physical health.

What It All Means

Office sharing is becoming more popular, evolving, and changing rapidly. Flexible workspaces are an asset for a changing workforce and will be for years to come. They provide flexibility, personal interaction, and opportunities to create and develop new relationships — the key to accelerating growth and success.

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