Famous Dad Entrepreneurs and the Lessons They Teach

Entrepreneur dads are notoriously hard workers, both in fulfilling their jobs and helping to raise a family. They’re keeping a roof over their family’s heads, food on the table, and trying to build a successful business that will continue to provide for the family, all while finding time to create memories and teach their kids valuable life lessons.

Here’s a closer look at four famous dad entrepreneurs and what we can learn by following their example.

Jesse Thomas, Founder of Picky Bars

As the founder of an energy bar company, Jesse Thomas has always been particular about the ingredients that go into each of his Picky Bars. However, when he became a dad, he admitted it was the first time that he felt something more was at stake.

Stepping into fatherhood was a huge motivational factor that pushed him to make better decisions, both in his company and in his personal life. At work, he’s now more proactive about protecting the company’s best interests and pushing for better deals with vendors or partners. He credits his son as helping him become a better entrepreneur and business owner, proving that hard work really can pay off.

Mat Henze, CEO & Co-Founder of Jimdo

Before entrepreneurship knocked on the door, many dads were used to the nine-to-five grind. And although entrepreneurship means your schedule is now in your control, many dads find it hard to step away from old patterns. In fact, they’re usually adding hours to the beginning AND end of the workday, especially in the beginning when they’re growing their business and trying to do a lot of activities themselves

However, Mat Henze reminds dad entrepreneurs that it’s okay to break out of your typical workday structure, especially if it means giving yourself more time to show up as a dad, not just a provider.

He now rises at 5 am and leaves the office by 4:30 pm to pick up his daughter from school. At first, it terrified him to leave work so early, but the place didn’t burn down and business kept going. In fact, Henze believes that shifting his schedule allows him to be more productive.

John Patnode, Owner of Genjo Coffee

Annapolis entrepreneur, John Patnode, started his mobile coffee trailer business Genjo Coffee in an area already dominated by independent coffee shops. It wasn’t easy getting started, but he never failed to hide his struggles from his family. 

He believes that having his family watch all of his hard work pay off is one of the greatest lessons he could pass to his kids. He wants to raise his kids with his work ethic, hoping it will help inspire their journeys.

Mitchell Harper, Founder of the Insane Growth Podcast

Mitchell Harper puts being a dad first on his priority list and building a business around that, not the other way around. He believes that work-life balance is actually work-life integration — and he focuses on ensuring he and his wife can be present as much as possible for their two girls.

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