Flexible Workspace Opens in Fairfax, VA

All of you Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Doers of Virginia get a third, yes THIRD, Office Evolution coworking location in Fairfax!

The Fairfax Patch reports that Office Evolution’s nationwide expansion continues to grow with OE’s third Virginia location;  opening an office space in Fairfax!

Move out of your dining room

Owned by local entrepreneur Fred Franke, the 10,138 square foot center will be a huge addition to the D.C. area, offering 41 private offices, 3 conference rooms, a podcast audio room (Wow!) and shared workspace areas with a capacity for approximately 25 people. Franke says—

“With proximity to Washington D.C., our new location offers the perfect alternative to those looking to avoid a long commute downtown, or those simply looking for a safe place where they can get their work done in a supportive and collaborative environment.”

Move into your own safe workspace

Due to the Covid pandemic, companies and remote workers must now seek flexible workspace options that involve close to home private offices, clean meeting rooms, touchless entry, flexible memberships, easy parking, fast internet, and professional mailbox or phone answering services.

“After researching how Office Evolution could continue to help me pursue that passion, I knew that it was the perfect concept for me, and I knew I wanted to help support the Fairfax small business community by opening an Office Evolution location here.”

Innovate, Collaborate, Network, and Enhance Business Performance

OE’s private offices allow for easy social distancing at a time when many are looking for a safe place to work, be inspired, and be productive, all while staying safe and close to home.

Read about Office Evolution in the Fairfax Patch!

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