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Four Reasons to Rent a Furnished Office

One of the advantages of renting a private office at Office Evolution the fact that every workspace we rent comes fully furnished. We provide comfortable seating, ample desk space, and office storage. By renting a fully furnished office at our business center, you’ll already have all the basics in place for your workspace, providing you with the perfect space for doing business.

Unsure whether you’d prefer a furnished workspace or an unfurnished office? To help you decide, we’ve compiled four of the most important benefits that come with a furnished office.

Benefits of Renting Furnished Office Space

1. Work in style. If interior design isn’t your forte, renting one of our furnished offices is a great way to bolster your professional image. Our offices are designed and outfitted in a clean, modern, and attractive professional aesthetic. By renting one of our offices, you’ll have a highly functional workspace, plus the perfect space for hosting clients, colleagues, or investors.

2. Increase productivity. At this point, most people know the importance of workplace ergonomics. Yet few of us have the expertise to design our offices in the most healthful and productivity-friendly manner possible. Our workspaces include ergonomic seating and work areas and a range of additional features proven to encourage productivity and focus.

3. Flexible rentals. When you rent an office, you won’t need to sink money upfront on office furnishings. This makes furnished office space ideal for short-term projects or for new ventures starting on a shoestring budget. At Office Evolution, we offer the choice of a month-to-month, six-month, or twelve-month rental agreement, making our space ideal for these kinds of rentals.

4. Get to work quicker. By renting a furnished workspace, you can start working much more quickly than in an unfurnished office. Our offices include key services and utilities, like a private phone line and high-speed internet, along with all the furniture you need in an office. This way, you can get to work in mere minutes — the amount of time it takes to open your laptop and configure a secure connection.

Rent a Furnished Workspace

Want to learn more about office rentals at Office Evolution? In that case, we invite you to schedule a tour of our workplace.

By visiting our business center, you’ll enjoy an in-person look at our furnished workspaces, plus the chance to tour shared areas of our business center. You’ll also learn about the added benefits of renting a private office at Office Evolution, like discounts on meeting rooms, a business address plan, and unlimited coffee and tea from our office beverage bar.

Contact us today for more information about our furnished office rentals and to book a tour of Office Evolution.

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