Franchise Spotlight: Dreamers Joshua and Ashley Shi

Joshua Shi considers himself a dreamer. He is always planning and dreaming about his next project. One of the dreams he’s turned into reality is owning an Office Evolution Franchise. Joshua and his wife, Ashley, currently own and operate two Office Evolution locations in Illinois, and they’re having great success.

After spending the last 20 years in the corporate world, with a cybersecurity background, Joshua wanted to venture into a business with his wife Ashley, a piano teacher. They love to travel with their three children and Joshua says he’s happiest when he’s on the beach! But, they saw the need for office space for people in business, and the all-inclusive nature of Office Evolution was a perfect choice. As a team, they opened two franchises. 

MoreShi 3 About the Locations

Naperville has been rated “one of the best locations to start a family” by Money Magazine. The location is very modern, close to the highway, and has easy access to lots of restaurants, amenities, and a great park. It is convenient for people that live in the area, and if they have kids, they can see them at the park from the office. A lot of TLC has been put into the space, and renovations will continue this year. Jen is the energetic Business Center Manager at Naperville. She is  passionate about customer service and does a great job of delivering what members need, often times by thinking outside the box.

While the Naperville location was an acquisition, the Lisle location is a brand new build-out. It is a beautiful, contemporary building with high ceilings and a lot of light. It is an all-inclusive building, so members get a free gym membership, access to 50 personal training rooms, and all of the many benefits Office Evolution offers. It’s also close to the highway and a medical center, which members like. Ashley and center manager, Lisa, work together to manage this location. Lisa is full of energy and excels at helping members with whatever they need. 

Shi 1

The members at both sites include attorneys, psychologists, authors, IT, marketing, and consulting professionals.

The Shis are gauging their success by building relationships with new prospects and existing members. The Office Evolution franchise model has made their dream a reality. It has been possible to get to know each new person and member at their locations. These relationships are forged in common interests and by respecting each other and acting professionally. The Shis are enjoying their new venture and the opportunity to work together!

Learn more about their Office Evolution locations in Naperville and Lisle, Illinois.

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