Scott Baroway and wife

Franchise Spotlight: Scott Baroway

Tell us a little about your background:  

Scott was an attorney in private practice for 27 years before joining Office Evolution.  Cindy was an insurance claims manager for many years and continues to work as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado at Denver School of Business.  

Why did you decide to open an Office Evolution franchise?

Scott had managed shared office spaces as an attorney for many years in an effort to control my overhead, not to make any money.  When the opportunity arose to join Office Evolution, I was very comfortable with the business model and felt the market timing was right to jump in. 

Tell us a bit about your Business Center Manager

Chris, our Lakewood BCM comes from the hospitality world. He is quick on his feet and has been very successful at bringing his members together through community events. He feels that his background in Hospitality has been integral in his success and he operates with the Office Evolution core values in mind: Ohana, Win-Win, Authenticity, Ownership and Simplicity.

Mimi, our Littleton BCM has been with Office Evolution for several years. She started with corporate and transitioned to the franchisee side when we opened the new Littleton location. With 26 years in Littleton, she’s your go-to person to learn about the city and give recommendations for the area. She excels in customer service and has a strong commitment to community — she loves watching businesses grow at Office Evolution Littleton! 

CJ, our Cherry Creek BCM, has followed the same path as Mimi – CJ Strange has managed Office Evolution locations for seven years. She took some time off to spend some time in Florida and came back to Colorado for the change in seasons and the outdoor adventures. She enjoys working with our members and helping them throughout the day, whether it’s booking a room reservation or greeting their clients.  Her goal is to make each member feel like their business needs are being met and therefore, business is good.  

Tell us a bit about your members 

We have everyone from attorneys to tattoo and laser hair removal. We work with satellite employees of large asset management companies all the way down to entrepreneurs just starting their business coaching or certified therapy practices. 

What makes your location unique?

Our 3 locations work together as a team. So you don’t just get the support of one great BCM, you receive the support from three great minds, which are all coordinated by our great Operations Manager, and Daughter, Katie Baroway. We are a family business that focuses on making our BCM’s and members feel like family. Our locations are all located in popular business and leisure districts in each city. This gives our locations great access to shops, restaurants, and community events. 

How were you able to see success?

Fantastic BCM’s are key. They drive the success of each space. 

Advice for future Office Evolution franchise owners?

Take the time to find the right BCM, and get them in early. You want them to feel a sense of ownership over the office. Then remember to go the extra mile for your members. 

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