How Accounting Firms Leverage Shared Office Space During Tax Season

Accountants live for tax season. As soon as the calendar flips to a new year, accounting firms are in full swing as they prepare for the influx of business, client requests, and late-night appointments that will keep their firm thriving.

In response, shared office spaces are becoming valuable resources for accountants during tax season because they’re scalable, temporary, and professional. Consider the following reasons why you might want to make the switch (at least until April 15).

Networking Opportunities

One of the biggest perks of using a shared office space is being in the proximity of other working professionals. Whether you’re in a private office, semi-private office, or an open collaboration space, you and your business are getting noticed by others who share the space.

This could be an effective way to find new clients, as any business professional needs accounting services during tax season. In addition, many coworking offices hold official networking events and mixers so you can get to know your “coworkers” and earn your business some attention.

In our current work-from-home era, networking is becoming more essential to the growing number of accountants who prefer to work from home versus going to work in a traditional office environment. Even working in a shared workspace a few hours a week can help you connect with others who may become new clients or introduce you to potential prospects.

Private office space with three colleagues working.

Scalable Work Space

Because of the sudden spike in business, accountants often need extra space during tax season that they wouldn’t necessarily use during the rest of the year. Many firms take on new employees to get them through the temporary rush so they don’t lose opportunities. 

With shared office space, accountants pay a flat monthly rate for their space with no contract to bind them to their desks after the tax season rush. You gain greater control over office space and costs without having to sink a large investment into temporary needs.

Client Privacy

Talking taxes is a sensitive business, which is why many accounting firms opt for private office space within a coworking environment. These offices offer a door that can close out the rest of the office so clients can speak freely and keep their finances confidential.

Professional Image

Regardless of where or how you work, accountants are expected to promote a professional image in terms of how they dress and speak and how their office looks. Shared office spaces help you maintain a professional image by giving you a physical business address, mail services, a live answering service, and a well-kept building and grounds that set the best tone for your business.

You can entertain clients in your shared workspace to further boost your credibility, which is a major upgrade to noisy coffee shops or your local library.

Accountants and tax professionals rely on Office Evolution, both for the short and long term, to help them grow their business. Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and enjoy tax season on a high note!