How and Why Corporate Trainers Use On-Demand Meeting Rooms

Throughout the past decade, nearly everything about the way we do business has changed. Corporate desks have been replaced with shared workspaces and work-anywhere environments. Suits and ties have succumbed to casual wear that’s comfortable yet professional. Phone calls have been replaced with text messages and emails.

While face-to-face training has drastically declined, it hasn’t been completely eradicated.

Companies need a stable, reliable meeting space to conduct training, and when your existing workspace doesn’t allow for it, the on-demand conference space is filling the gap. 

Take a look at the top benefits of this different breed of meeting space and how you can put it to work when conducting corporate training:

#1 – Shared Conference Space Is Cost-Effective

Having your own conference space means you get to use it anytime you want, but this convenience comes with a price. Your own conference room usually means you have your own office and the costly overhead and upkeep that come with it.

Shared conference space gives you on-demand access to a training room when you need it for a minimal cost each time. You’re sharing the cost of the room with other companies rather than paying for your own room even when you’re not using it, helping to keep overhead low.

#2 – It’s Flexible to Your Needs

Shared conference rooms can be outfitted to your precise needs at scale. Whether you need five chairs or fifteen chairs, A/V equipment or extra lighting, the cost remains the same. 

Open office with desk and table.#3 – It Keeps Conversations Private

Meetings and training needs are some of the biggest factors that prevent businesses from going office-less. While they can do some or all of their work remotely, they still need space to train employees in person. 

Renting a conference room can help you keep your conversations behind closed doors while maintaining a professional look, even if you don’t have a real office.

#4 – You Get Tailored Service

Traditionally, companies that need a local conference room turn to a local hotel. Hotels do have conference spaces for rent, but their services are usually tailored for large-scale events. If you just need a meeting table for a few people, you likely won’t get any extra services with your room rental.

Shared workspaces that offer conference room rentals are geared toward on-demand business needs. Whether you’re renting a desk or an entire conference room, you get a dedicated customer service rep that will handle all the specifics of your training meeting for you. Plus, you may have optional amenities like a coffee bar or snacks to enhance your meeting.

How to Use On-Demand Meeting Rooms for Corporate Training

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