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How Co-Working Is Changing Business

Business is changing!

If you were born between the years of 1980 and 1994 you were shown parents whose goals focused around a solid career, good home, and a family to support. They most likely moved up in their respective careers (usually starting at an entry level position) staying with one company for years and it was about a 50/50 shot if they had gone to college yet they strongly encouraged you go.

Maybe you can relate to this story…I know I can, but the world we live in today has DRASTICALLY changed and the way business is done is quickly becoming unrecognizable to traditional ways.

Enter the world of co-working and the 4 ways it is shaping the revolution of business!


From a large corporation to a small company they now have the ability to hire remote employees and house them in shared work spaces. The reach an establishment now has to hire worthy candidates around the world has increased greatly and with shared work spaces such as Office Evolution they have a productive place at a low cost per month to send these employees to work.


With this increased rise in remote employee’s, countries and places that seemed so far away before are now right in our backyard. More people around the globe are discovering career paths they normally wouldn’t have had access to and workers who may have had difficulties in traditional work settings are able to get jobs from the comfort of their own homes. The world is starting to buzz with success with our work force accommodating so many different people and places to work.


If you are a large corporation with multiple groups of remote employees’ all over the world it is much easier now to set them up in a co-working space vs. the more traditional office suite. Instead of having to cover all utilities, a landlord, internet, and building maintenance, a company can call up an Office Evolution and rent out an office drastically lowering the monthly expenditure. The nature of shared work spaces has made it so much easier for business owners to reliable and productive spaces for their employees to work!


Networking is a huge asset to any business and with a shared work space you not only save on your monthly expenses you also get free networking! The potential in one co-working lounge to broadcast your business, gain referrals, and market yourself is exponential. At Office Evolution we offer exposure to Networking opportunities that our Members love!

From free Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee, tea, and water, catering just across the street and the ability to co-work with others in a productive space, it is clear that there are a lot of assets that come along with shared work space environments and it is here to stay!