How Freelance Consultants Handle Out-of-Town Client Meetings

When you’re meeting with a local client, finding a space is usually easy; just use their office. However, for freelance consultants who have clients coming into town or who otherwise can’t meet in the client’s space, you’ll need to think fast.

Most freelancers balk at the idea of hosting a meeting in their home office, and for good reason. Most home offices just aren’t set up for meetings. Plus, your professional image may take a hit when your client sees dirty dishes in the sink, a pile of shoes by the door, and that surprise mess your pet made just seconds before your client arrived. 

Let’s explore the options for meeting space on demand so you can put your best foot forward with confidence.

Rent a Hotel Conference Room

Most hotels have a conference room or meeting space, but the cost alone can quickly negate any potential benefits. On average, an all-inclusive meeting room can cost anywhere from $75 to $165 per hour. Most hotels will include technology needs, such as WiFi, projectors, a screen, and a microphone, as well as setup and breakdown services. 

For simple meetings, this could be overkill. You’re paying for more than what you really need, plus there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to secure the meeting space if you wait until the last minute. 

Meet at a Local Coffee Shop

There’s always a table open at your favorite coffee shop, and it only costs the price of your favorite latte. However, the greater costs are the lack of privacy and professionalism. 

In a coffee shop, you have zero control over the environment. A loud ambiance can easily derail your meeting and take away from your conversation. It’s not the greatest way to make a strong first impression with your client, especially since they’ve invested the time and effort to meet with you in the first place.

Head to the Library

Some libraries will allow you to use their meeting spaces for free. They’re quiet and private so you can focus on the meeting and less on the ambiance. 

The biggest downside here is that because the spaces are free, they’re often handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you can’t reserve a space ahead of time, then you may find yourself without a space altogether when you and your client arrive. 

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Book Conference Room Space in a Coworking Environment

Coworking spaces are becoming a preferred meeting location for a variety of reasons. For starters, you can reserve space ahead of time and pay only for what you need. They’re located in a professional office setting to make a strong impression on your clients. Plus, you get access to everything you need for a meeting, including WiFi, whiteboards, projectors, and more. 

If you’re using a coworking space instead of a home office, you may be able to bundle your private workspace with meeting room time each month to save even more. 

When meeting with clients, the best thing you can do for your image is to consider all your options and weigh them carefully. One meeting could be enough to set a whole new tone for your business, so treat it wisely.

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