How Freelance Designers Leverage Virtual Office Services

If you’ve traded long commutes, a rigid schedule, and a steady paycheck to become a freelance designer, chances are the last thing on your mind is heading back to an office. But what about a virtual office?

Working from home is a large part of the allure of freelancing, so the thought of re-chaining yourself to someone else’s desk likely doesn’t appeal to you. But think about it: do you want clients knowing where you live? Do you want them associating your business with your living room?

Virtual office space can strike the balance between high-level professionalism and credibility of working in a traditional office setting and the freedom and comfort that come with working from home. 

With the adoption of virtual office spaces growing every year, it might be time to reconsider where and how you present your freelance design services.

Group of people meeting at a conference table.What Exactly Is a Virtual Office?

Similar to a traditional office, a virtual office is a workspace you can rent that will make your business appear established and legitimate. However, instead of going to an actual office for work, you simply work wherever you want, be it your home or your favorite coffee shop. 

Simply put, you’re investing in the concept of an office rather than the office itself. You have many of the same amenities that come with the typical office, but you’re not having to pay the enormous overhead and upkeep of having a real office…that is, until you need physical office space on demand, such as hosting a conference. Your virtual office is tied to a physical location that you can use as needed and pay as you go.

How Freelance Designers Can Benefit from Virtual Office Space

For freelance designers, your office is wherever you are. Having a designated virtual office space doesn’t change this, but it does provide you with many of the perks you left behind when you quit your office job.

One of the biggest advantages for freelancers is having a physical address other than your home address. You can use this on your marketing material or to send and receive mail without giving away that you’re really working from your couch or kitchen table.

Person typing on a laptop.You also get access to time-saving, image-building tools, such as a live receptionist or a local phone number. Having someone take your phone calls means fewer interruptions to your workday, plus it makes you look like a credible business that’s doing well enough to need a receptionist in the first place.

The biggest driver for freelancer designers is to be able to stand out from other freelance designers. Having virtual office space gives you a leg up on the competition simply by helping you appear successful, established, and motivated to grow your business. 

Where to Find a Virtual Office

The good news for freelance designers is that virtual offices are becoming more of a norm. Nearly one in three workers are freelancing at least part-time, which means there are plenty of virtual office spaces being created to fill this need.

Credibility is key for any freelance designer, and Office Evolution can help you earn it instantly. It’s a low-cost solution for building big impressions, especially if you’re trying to stand out from the rest of the freelance pool. To leverage all the benefits of a virtual office, simply find the Office Evolution location nearest you.