How Mompreneurs Profit from Virtual Office Space

The mompreneur movement is flourishing, proving that women really can have it all. 

Women are increasingly finding new ways to care for their families and maintain a career to live the flexible lifestyle they want without sacrifice. Part of this success lies in the growth and availability of the virtual office, giving them a place to build professionalism and conduct business without the confines and cost of a traditional office

Here’s how the virtual private office is changing the game for mompreneurs everywhere, along with the image of what being a successful mother and businesswoman looks like.

What Is a Virtual Office Space?

The virtual office is a relatively new concept in the business world, but business-minded moms are taking notice. This up-and-coming office space offers many of the same benefits as a traditional office, but without many of the barriers that drive up costs and complicate business. 

Simply put, a virtual office is a dedicated space for your business in the digital world. You get a physical address that you can promote on business cards and letterhead while keeping your personal address private. Part of the service includes mail collection and forwarding, as well as administrative support that can add credibility to your growing business.

Unlike a regular office, you don’t have a physical space to maintain. There’s no lengthy commute since you can work remotely. In some cases, you may be able to access physical office space on demand for meetings, but without the long-term commitment of leasing or buying office space. 

Group of women meeting at a conference table.How a Virtual Office Drives Profitability for Moms in Charge

Moms running a business do not have an easy task. Not only are you faced with balancing the heavy demands of family, but you are also trying to provide for your family. You’re building a brand in the middle of changing diapers. You’re teaching ABCs in between client calls. Sports games are intermixed with business trips and strategy sessions. 

Eventually, the line between work and home life can start to blur, especially if your current office is also the family’s kitchen table. 

Using a virtual office helps you to define the line for work/life balance. It gives your business clarity and professionalism, turning dreams into tangible opportunities. You get the benefits of a regular office that makes your business look polished so clients will take you seriously.

Perhaps most importantly, the virtual office gives you the flexibility with which a traditional environment just can’t compete. You’re not chained to your desk or landline so you can move throughout your day and handle business around your schedule. You can work from home with ease and keep the kids close to avoid paying for childcare while you work. 

Amenities_ImageFurthermore, you’re not paying hundreds of dollars per month for a separate private office space!

This level of organization and freedom can be the boost your business needs to keep costs low and see an ROI sooner than you would with a regular office.  

Raising Kids and Launching Companies

Today, innovative moms no longer have to choose between family and work, nor do they have to let work take over the household. 

The virtual office space helps to keep business and pleasure separate so you can stay organized, look professional, and grow your venture while being available for your family. 

Moms are changing the world through innovation, one business idea at a time. Having a flexible office solution, like a virtual office, is one of the straightest paths to scalability so that when the opportunity to grow presents itself, you’ll be able to accept at a moment’s notice. 

To take advantage of all the benefits of virtual offices, simply find the Office Evolution location nearest you.