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How to Stay Healthy in the Workplace – Wellness Tips

How to Stay Healthy in the Workplace

Sometimes, maintaining work productivity and prioritizing your mental and physical health during the workday can feel at odds. But with the right tricks, it’s easy to put your health first and make the most of your day. In fact, prioritizing your health can even help you focus and increase your efficiency at work.

How to Create a Safe Environment at Work

When deciding what needs to be done to keep your environment a healthy space, remember that all workspaces are different and will therefore require different tips to keep everyone feeling great! If you are up and moving all day, you may not require many stretch breaks but staying hydrated can be extra important. If you are working alone from home, it’s still important to prioritize health at work even if you don’t have to worry about impacting anyone else. Prioritize your health and productivity by keeping your space organized and rewarding yourself with screen breaks after completing a task.

10 Wellness Tips for the Workplace

Whether working solo or with coworkers, see which healthy workplace tips work for you and help you feel healthy throughout your day.

  1. Stay hydrated. Keep your favorite water bottle at your desk and remember to drink throughout the day to keep your mind clear and avoid dehydration. Drinking water decreases fatigue and can increase energy levels.
  2. Move around. That short walk to the water cooler could be helping your health at work more than you might think. Moving throughout the day is a key way to keep your blood flowing and stay healthy. Just because you have a busy workday doesn’t mean you can’t move! Try sitting on an exercise ball or using a standing desk to mix up your routine.
  3. Enjoy stretch breaks. If you work in an environment where you are often static, take small breaks to move and stretch out of your current positions. This can relieve tension and increase the blood flow throughout your body, including your brain. If you are noticing a lull in your focus, this is a great way to wake up your brain and get back on track.
  4. Take screen breaks. Staring at a screen for hours can strain your eyes and cause headaches. During your stretch breaks, try giving your phone and other screens a break, too. When you use computers, try wearing blue light glasses to help eliminate the strain on your eyes.
  5. Reward task completion. To help yourself stay positive and motivated throughout the day, reward yourself after completing tasks. Keep these rewards small and productive, such as a five-minute stretch break or a minute to play the daily Wordle. This will give you an incentive to follow through with a task and then help you refocus without overworking yourself. It may sound counterproductive, but in the long run, a small break here and there during your workday can increase your overall productivity by reducing burnout.
  6. Get enough sleep. The CDC recommends the average adult sleep at least 7 hours each night. Healthy habits outside of work, including sleep, will help you stay alert and productive throughout your day. A good night’s sleep is important for your overall health and will support your brain function and metabolism to help you focus and feel your best.
  7. Pack your lunch. Tomake sure you eat a well-balanced diet, try packing your lunch for work ahead of time. Packing your lunch when you aren’t hungry will help you make smarter dietary choices. A nutritious lunch can also help you avoid snacking too much during the day when you are stressed and more likely to make unhealthy choices.
  8. Limit caffeine. We’re not saying you should skip the coffee in the morning. This is simply a reminder that you should not rely on caffeine to keep you alert throughout the day. Instead, focus on getting good sleep at night and eat meals that support your metabolism. Too much caffeine can increase your heart rate, which may increase your anxiety during a stressful workday. 
  9. Keep your workspace organized. When your physical space is organized, your mental space can feel more at ease. Order eliminates distractions and helps you feel in control.
  10. Practice good hygiene. Stay safe at home and at work! Wash your hands often, use disinfectant wipes to keep your workspace germ-free, and travel with a hand sanitizer bottle. Do what you can to eliminate germs and protect yourself and your coworkers. Remember, some germs can travel through the air. If you feel under the weather, stay home to recuperate and avoid infecting others.

Work in a Space that Supports Your Health!

The first step to making these wellness tips for the workplace a success is to find a space that helps your feel safe and productive. Maybe it’s a comfy chair in your home den or a well-organized desk at your workplace. If you have yet to find the right space for you, visit an Office Evolution. At Office Evolution, we prioritize the health of our employees and guests. Our Ohana is what makes each location a positive workspace, and it’s our mission to keep it that way! That’s why we offer private workspaces for guests who prefer a little extra space. We keep our facilities clean, and you will always have easy access to handwashing stations. We also offer complimentary tea and coffee for you to enjoy on your two (or three) stretch breaks. Schedule a tour at an Office Evolution near you.