Lisa Medrano Franchise Spotlight

Tell us a bit about yourself and why did you decide to become an Office Evolution Franchise?

I had a career in quality assurance in the Retail industry with companies including JCP, Ralph Lauren, Authentic Fitness (Speedo) and others. After getting married and having children, I chose to be a stay at home mom for 15 years. As the children were well into their teens, Roland (spouse) and I decided that we wanted to start a business for investment purposes and to fill our time as the children left home.

After researching various options including starting our own business from scratch and ultimately other franchises, we chose Office Evolution as this model was relatable to us, given our careers. We also desired an opportunity to help others achieve their goals and dreams by being able to provide a service that helped them grow and succeed. The Office Evolution model offered what we were looking for with flexibility. It was important to find a good fit culturally as well and the Office Evolution team offers that.

What do you enjoy most about owning/running a flexible workspace?

Meeting people with so many stories to tell and dreams to achieve! Here is a play on words: Office Evolution provides flexible workspace, flexible solutions to the many needs of our leads/members, and flexible hours to the franchise owner! So, flexibility is second on my list of what I enjoy most.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, what is your advice for other entrepreneurs as we enter 2020? 

Be Flexible! Do your homework, remain flexible to changing needs, be flexible to finding solutions for your own challenges as well as your leads and members’ needs.

Let’s get personal. As a successful business owner, we want to know, what do you do in your spare time?

A fair amount of time is spent keeping in touch with our children who are now both in college. In addition to that, I enjoy cooking (although more difficult for just my husband and me), keeping in touch with my large family and friends, and walking.

I am an avid volunteer and currently looking for the right fit. In the past, I have tutored at-risk youth, visited a local hospital’s oncology floor and emergency room with my trained therapy dog, been involved with the American Cancer Society’s Speaker’s Bureau and other various opportunities. 



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