Member Spotlight: Frank King Sr. in Broomfield, CO

Frank King Sr.: A King Agency

– Office Evolution in Broomfield, CO 

 “We are an insurance agency and brokerage. We have all kinds of insurance anywhere from your home, auto, life, health, and commercial, which includes workmen’s comp.”

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“Well, one thing that we do that separates us from most of the insurance agencies is that we look not only at protecting our clients lives but their livelihood. So, when it comes to insurance, most customers don’t understand why we are standing on their doorstep taking pictures of their vehicles, motorcycles, going through and videotaping their homes, so that we can make sure everything is taken care of. That is one of the services we provide, and it is no extra charge.”

Watch the video for the full interview with Frank King Sr.

Frank King Sr. - Video Image (002)

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