Member Spotlight: Jason Holiday & Elizabeth Tillotson of Reliance Tax Group – OE in Broomfield, Colorado

Jason Holiday & Elizabeth Tillotson, from Reliance Tax Group

– Office Evolution in Broomfield, Colorado

 “Our business is Reliance Tax Group and basically we help individuals that owe back taxes. We negotiate different types of settlements for them. Part of what we do is dispute penalties, set up installment agreements when they fall behind, bring them current and compliant if they have not filed some of their tax returns. If they can’t afford to pay their balance, we’ll go back in and do what’s called an offering compromise settle for what they can afford to pay compared to what they owe.”

What sets you apart?

“The main thing that sets us apart from other tax solutions is the fact that we educate the client throughout the entire process so that way they understand again what happened that made them fall behind and what they need to change in order not to fall behind or not to keep falling behind in the future.”  

Watch the video for the full interview with Jason Holiday & Elizabeth Tillotson.

Reliance Tax Group - Video Image

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