Member Spotlight: Michael Bailey in Broomfield, CO

Michael Bailey of Michael Bailey Law Firm

– Office Evolution in Broomfield, CO 

“I’m an estate planning attorney. I do wills, trust, powers of attorney, and end-of-life planning – all those things that require legal planning towards the end of life and upon death.”

What are your top tips for entrepreneurial success?

“I think really the top tip would be to expect that you will make mistakes and learn from them and grow from them and then leave them behind. If you dwell on your mistakes, you will never get over them and you will always be right on the edge of committing them again.”

Michael goes onto say “I think people who meet with me will understand that I do try to have a little bit of fun. I take one of my guiding business philosophies from the great philosopher, Bugs Bunny, who teaches us that you can’t take life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive.”

He points out that having a good-natured fun attitude helps with the discussions he needs to have with clients.

Watch the video for the full interview with Michael Bailey.

Michael Bailey - Video Image

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