Member Spotlight: Vintage Solutions — Digitizing Memories with Office Evolution

In the heart of bustling activity at Office Evolution, there’s a unique story unfolding — that of Vintage Solutions, a digital media transfer company on a mission to preserve cherished memories. Meet Jaycee Knox, the visionary behind Vintage Solutions and a member of Office Evolution Columbus, OH. 

Vintage Solutions specializes in transforming old media files into shareable digital formats. Whether it’s precious home movies, nostalgic film reels, beloved cassette tapes, or treasured family photos, Vintage Solutions ensures that these memories are not only preserved but also easily accessible for generations to come.

Discovering Office Evolution

For Jaycee, the decision to move Vintage Solutions out of their basement and into a professional setting was pivotal. Office Evolution presented itself as the perfect solution. “We became interested in moving our home-based business out of our basement and into a location where we would welcome the customer in to discuss their projects,” Jaycee explains.

Vintage Solutions found their ideal space at Office Evolution, opting for a dedicated office. Here, they seamlessly run their day-to-day operations, undertaking the delicate process of digitizing cherished memories. Additionally, Office Evolution’s conference room facilities provide the perfect setting for welcoming customers and discussing their projects in detail.

Jaycee envisions Vintage Solutions continuing to flourish within the nurturing environment of Office Evolution. “As long as OE will have us, Vintage Solutions plans on staying with OE until we outgrow the space,” Jaycee remarks. With tailored options and exceptional service, it feels like a permanent home for us. Moreover, the office’s inviting ambiance has left a lasting impression on their customers, contributing to their positive experience.

Community Involvement

Beyond their business endeavors, Vintage Solutions is deeply committed to community involvement. Jaycee, who battles severe hemophilia A, advocates for better treatment within the rare disease and bleeding disorder communities. Additionally, they serve as a rare disease writer with Haymarket Media, Vice President of the DCCO (Central Ohio’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce), and Ambassador for the Ohio Bleeding Disorders Council.

In the tapestry of Office Evolution’s diverse community, Vintage Solutions stands out as a testament to the power of adaptability and community engagement. Through their dedication to preserving memories and advocating for change, Vintage Solutions embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience that defines Office Evolution’s ethos. To learn more about Office Evolution’s unique office solutions, find a location nearest you and come give us a visit!