Franchise Awarded: Brian & Jennifer Evans

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest franchisees to the OE Ohana, Brian and Jennifer Evans.


Brian and Jennifer Evans

A bit about them…

They consider The Queen City (also known as Cincinnati, Ohio) their home, and have raised three “very active” children there.

Brian’s professional career has allowed him to manage clients, teams, and programs across global sites. As for Jennifer, she’s a people person and passionate about living a healthful and active lifestyle. Her background is in physical education and she’s a certified personal trainer.

What’s so special about their chosen city:

“Cincinnati is among the larger markets in the country, but it is made up of many local neighborhoods,” says Brian. “The sense of community values and family run strong within the roots of the city, and the Ohana concept is alive and well. We believe this is a prime market for providing a locally owned and operated option for the dreamers, risk takers and doers of the region to work and grow.”

What energizes this duo about their new endeavor?

Brian believes strongly in four principles that have guided him in his career: focusing on the customer, helping others around him succeed, the need to innovate, and striving to do the right thing.

It’s no secret that those are the same secrets of success that OE swears by. In fact, serving, supporting, coaching and empowering are more than mere buzzwords around here. They’re the core of our mission. Instinctively, Brian and Jennifer knew that Office Evolution would be a good fit with their core values.

“I believe Office Evolution allows a tremendous possibility of uniting these passions with an effective model of making a difference in others’ journeys. Both the market and the opportunity are ripe for success!” Brian says.

We look forward to their new Office Evolution location in Cincinnati! Find a location in your area.

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