OE Denver Locations Mentioned in Franchising.com

There is no going back to the traditional office model.

2021 is the year of the flexible workspace—

…and businesses in Denver continue to shift to Office Evolution! This week, Franchising.com reports that the Denver area is seeing a serious surge in demand for professional workspaces, and Office Evolution is thriving!

Office Evolution’s success in the Denver area shows that remote workers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Denver are tired of working out of their homes and coffee houses. Professionals need a quiet, private office center where they can run their business effectively and safely.

Office Evolution offers just that—flexible workspaces where you can drop into your office space or conference room, use a mailbox or phone answering services.

OE’s private offices with touchless entry allow for easy social distancing at a time when many are looking for an inspiring place to work and be productive, all while staying safe and close to home. Andrea Pirrotti, CMO and CDO of Office Evolution, says—

“Employers want to keep their staff happy and engaged and employees want to access space minutes from their home. Interest in the area is strong because Office Evolution can provide a mix of work environments in one location that’s easy to access.”

How does Office Evolution Coworks? Check out what OE offers—

 Greetly’s touchless entry system

  • Convenient private offices that socially distance, naturally
  • Cleaning and sanitizing initiatives
  • Workspaces and offices on lower floors: no need to board an elevator
  • Easy parking
  • Faster internet
  • Signs that guide social distancing and protocols for engaging thorough the space
  • Mask requirement
  • Flexible memberships

Read more about Office Evolution’s success in the Denver on Franchising.com

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