Office Evolution Franchise Launches in New York

The growth continues. Office Evolution Franchise
launches in New York!

Office Evolution welcomes our newest franchisee, Jon Rotter, who will be launching an Office Evolution in Westchester, New York.

“I see the value in the culture of Office Evolution and the Ohana. I also see value in being part of a team and going through this together. The model is not easily replicable.” – Jon Rotter

Jon was initially attracted to OE because of the sustainable growth projections within the coworking industry, where we’ve already seen an annual increase of 23 percent since 2010, according to a Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. report. The ability to obtain a flexible work schedule through our semi-absentee, lifestyle model, paired with servicing B2B customers while OE handled on of the back-end support, was the tipping point for Jon in his decision to become an OE franchisee.

Office Evolution provides flexible workplaces, which include private offices, semi-private offices, co-working, shared conference rooms and business services.

If you’re who is interested in an “Executive Model”: Single Employee, Business to Business, Business Hours, Recurring Income, Part-time Effort and a Win-Win Culture, let’s connect!

To learn more about the Office Evolution franchise opportunity, email us at
or give us a call at 877-475-6300.

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