Office Evolution Swoops into Sarasota—

Nation’s #1 ranked coworking franchisor

signs deal for Sixth in the State!

Business Observer recently featured local Sarasota residents Jill Langevin and Randy Flaman, two of Office Evolutions newest franchisees, who have signed a deal bringing the brand’s sixth OE coworking location to Florida!

Close to home and cost-effective

Jill and Randy say they are eyeing sites in downtown/central Sarasota and Lakeland, among other areas in the greater Sarasota area. Jill says—

“We know that now more than ever, business owners and remote workers are looking for a safe place to work that provides flexibility and convenience. Our Office Evolution location will provide us the opportunity to fill a growing niche of workers looking to convert to a more flexible workspace.”

Re-Imagine your workspace

The Florida couple’s new OE location will feature private offices, conference rooms, and shared workspaces for small to medium-sized businesses and remote workers. These safe and convenient coworking spaces have become increasingly more valuable during the pandemic, as people are in search of places to work and collaborate, safely together. Jill adds—

“After learning more about the Office Evolution concept and the brand’s leadership and experience in the industry, we knew that it was the perfect concept for us.”

OE’s first Sarasota location will join two existing locations in the greater Tampa metro area as well as two locations in Jacksonville and a location in Plantation.

Be inspired, safer, together.

That’s how it’s done. Join Us.

Read more about Office Evolution’s new Sarasota location in Business Observer.

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