Office Evolution’s Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak Interviewed on Franchise Interviews Radio

Program host Marty McDermott recognizes Office Evolution as the fastest growing, locally owned and operated franchise in the country.

Franchise Interviews spoke with Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, on the growth of the Office Evolution model, as well as her projections for trends in the workforce.

Marty McDermott: What makes the Office Evolution model different from others in the industry?

Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak: Most coworking spaces operate in cities. Our founder, Mark Hemmeter, was committed to weaving Office Evolution into the fabric of the suburban community. He wanted small locations, so people got to know one another. He wanted the space to be vibrant.

Office Evolution is even more relevant now than it was when it was launched 18 years ago. This whole great experiment of working from home during the pandemic has shown we can be productive. Yet no one wants to have to work from home. Try to have a Zoom there with kids crying in background! Coworking spaces are an option that’s affordable.

MM: What has the pandemic shown us about the future of work?

APD: This category has been through downturns, boom times, and now a pandemic. Each time after a downturn, corporate folks say they shouldn’t put so much of their property portfolio into long-term leases. We’ve been saying for 20 years, ‘Hey, put 20% of your portfolios into flex space.’ That’s happening right now.

Second thing that happens is that small businesses start to increase, and that’s our bread and butter. I’ve had the highest number of deals in the last four months.

MM: What do you think is in Office Evolution’s future?

APD: We will be expanding and supporting more entrepreneurs across the nation. As they engage is a mass exodus from center cities, we’ll be there.

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