Office Evolution’s Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak talks shop in Work Design Magazine’s online forum

Work Design Magazine‘s virtual forum on the changing concept of the workplace included a panel discussion with experts in the field, including Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak, Office Evolution’s chief development and marketing officer. Moderated by Nick LiVigne of Incendium Consulting, other panelists included Mark Galbreath of LiquidSpace, and Linda Foggie of Turner & Townsend.

“The Options: How will Choice and Flexibility Work?” was a discussion centered on the way the workplace ecosystem is expanding and blending into our homes and neighborhoods. This evolving landscape presents both challenges and opportunities, the panelists concluded. Emerging from the pandemic is a wholesale re-evaluation of what work means, with new working patterns challenging the traditional image of the office.

Referring to a company’s traditional practice of securing huge amounts of office space with a lease of 20 years or more, Pirrotti-Dranchak noted that this logic has been crumbling for years. “It’s out of sync with business,” she said, while noting that rent has traditionally been most companies’ biggest expense, second only to salaries. “Now, there’s choice out there, and our category grows during turbulent times.”

No one wants to have to work from home, she added. What employees want is choice. Research has shown that a third option, a flexible workspace close to home, is a viable, affordable, and appealing option. Office Evolution’s model differs from typical coworking models in that most units are under 10,000 square feet, have a higher percentage of private offices, and are located on the first or second floor. The smaller space encourages accountability and familiarity with others, she says.

The panelists agreed that companies will be re-evaluating how they procure and manage space going forward. And while there’s no one prescription that suits everyone, Office Evolution appears to be doing something right.

“Our leads for the last four months have been the highest in company history on a per unit basis,” says Pirrotti-Dranchak. “It’s a very exciting time for our business.”

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