Office Evolution’s Conroe-Woodlands Texas Spearheads Hurricane Relief

When Hurricane Ida made landfall in Texas and Louisiana on August 29, it brought with it the usual violent winds and torrential rain that has wrecked havoc on these low-lying, coastal areas time and time again. 

One person who has witnessed that destruction well is Tina Matherne Asma, Office Evolution’s business manager for the Conroe-Woodlands area. “I was born and raised on Bayou Lafourche,” she says. “When I heard of the horrific damage of my hometown, my high school, Central Lafourche High School and Victory Life Church, I felt helpless and was moved to do something to help.”

Asma swung into action, kick starting a campaign to have donations of food, supplies and money dropped off at the Office Evolution location at 525 Woodland Square Blvd, Suite 250, Conroe, Texas. She’s been reaching out to the community and calling for donations on social media, and at the end of the first week of September had proudly raised $1000 and over $2500 in supplies.

Asma delivers the donated supplies to her counterpart in Louisiana every two weeks. She asks that all donated supplies be dropped off by noon on Friday, September 17.

Small businesses, like those that make up Office Evolution’s members, total over 47 percent of the work force in the U.S. These risk-takers and entrepreneurs have a can-do attitude that empowers them to push boundaries and respond to the needs of others with compassion and generosity. We’re proud of Tina Asma and the initiative she has shown.

Supply List For Ida Relief Needed ASAP!

  • Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart gift cards
  • Tarps, tarp nails
  • Bleach
  • Cleaning products
  • Work gloves
  • 55-gallon garbage bags
  • Storage containers
  • Big push brooms
  • Gas tanks
  • Food- canned goods, granola/protein bars, snacks, etc.
  • Drinks- water (different sizes), Gatorade, or Propel with electrolytes
  • Baby formula, baby diapers (all sizes), baby wipes, baby food
  • First Aid kits
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Notebooks, ink pens, envelopes
  • Kid Learning/Activity books per grade level
  • Books
  • Clothes/Shoes

For more information please read the Woodlands Online piece.


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