Office Solutions for a Hectic Summertime Schedule

Working from a home office space can be a dream come true when the kids are in school, but the script flips when summertime arrives. As a solopreneur or distributed team, working from home also means integrating your family life with your work environment. 

This can be difficult and uncomfortable, especially if you’re used to working certain hours and getting a certain amount of work accomplished each day. It’s no surprise that productivity will take a hit as you’re balancing playtime and PB&Js with your work routine. 

These six tips can help you achieve a better work-life balance and lessen the stress and frustration until the first bell rings in August.

Woman working at her desk.1. Cut Back Your Work Hours

Not only will you not be as productive when the kids are home, but you also won’t want to spend all day working. Cut back your hours and make it a point to enjoy your kids’ summer break with them while working in between activities.

2. Break Your Work Day into Smaller Blocks

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is not having to work a straight nine-to-five schedule. Instead, break up your workday into smaller blocks that allow you to be a parent and a solopreneur at different times.

3. Maintain a No-Kid Office Space

Set boundaries with your kids regarding your office space. Some parents make a hands-off rule so that their work things are always in place. Others will ask their kids not to disturb them while they’re at their desk. This lets you separate your work and family lives, and also gives you a way to focus on work without interruption.

4. Set Clear Expectations

Your kids will be eager to spend their newfound free time with you, but you must be realistic in how much of their break you’ll get to spend with them. Let them know that even though you’re home, you still have to work. Help them know what to expect and give them things to look forward to, such as heading to the pool after lunch if you can work a full morning.

Open office space with kitchen.5. Put the Kids to Work

If the kids just won’t take the hint, let them get involved. Give them simple tasks, such as filing your papers or emptying your office trash can. This takes some of your workload off your shoulders and lets your kids feel like they’re making a difference while spending time with you. 

6. Get an In-Home Babysitter

If you need an extra set of hands, consider hiring an in-home babysitter for part of the day that can prepare meals, supervise screen time, and break up squabbles that would otherwise fall to you. Without endless interruptions, you can finish your work in record time and have more time to spend with your family.

Bonus Tip: Find an Office Space that Feels Like a Vacation!

For some parents, working at home while the kids are out of school just isn’t feasible, which is one reason why the shared workspace is so popular. It’s office space on demand, letting you rent a desk (and peace and quiet) with no commitment. You have a way to get your work done and take a mini vacation all at once!

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