Office Space coming to South Charlotte

“Micro-offices” coming to South Charlotte as Office Evolution’s Ohana continues to grow!

Another mention of Office Evolution in the media! According to Charlotte Business Journal, Doug Havas, local owner of the Office Evolution office space in Charlotte, has plans to open a 10,000 square foot OE space in the southern area of the city by September.

Doug said he intends to build most of the new space as “micro” offices that measure 70 square feet or less—

A perfect, safe working space for one person!

Doug believes in the Office Evolution’s business model—

“We’re providing a professional place that is allowing people to work near home,” Havas said. “We try to make it very easy and convenient for business owners to get in and out.”

Doug’s current OE members are in a range of industries, such as healthcare, counseling, real estate, property management and technology. Havas says—

“To me, that is the most fun thing that I can do…figure out how I can personally help these small business owners.”

Doug’s got the spirit of Ohana!

“I want to be close to our members. I want to know who they are, how I can personally help—how WE can help.”

Visit Office Evolution to learn how you can be inspired—safer, together.

Read more about Office Evolution in the Charlotte Business Journal

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