Podcast Spotlight:  OE’s Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak speaks to Global Franchise

The Philosophy Behind the Brand— In an exciting podcast, Office Evolution’s Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak speaks to Global Franchise about the company’s continued success in the midst of the pandemic

This week, Office Evolution’s own Chief Marketing and Development Officer Andrea Pirrotti-Dranchak appeared on “Global Franchise Podcast” to discuss the continued success of Office Evolution, the fall of the traditional office model, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from this winning bankable industry. Over the past 10 years, Andrea has seen the flexible workspace sector develop from a fringe idea into a business mainstay And, what’s remarkable is during the pandemic, Office Evolution has sped up its growth while other industries have struggled to maintain momentum. Andrea says—

“When Mark Hemmeter founded Office Evolution in 2003, he founded it based on a suburban model. He wanted small business owners to be able to work and thrive in their own community…Nobody wants to drive hour away from their home anymore. Urban is still relevant, but suburban is MORE relevant!“

Remote workers want to be close to home, close to customers and effectively align their workspace with their business needs!

Andrea explains that flex space is now seen as a strategic part of the business plan for enterprise, remote workers, and small businesses…Businesses need office space, and remote workers don’t want to work from home. They miss people! Andrea adds—

“Landlords are realizing that their spaces are sitting empty, and they are working with us to put flexspace inside their buildings, providing a theatre for traditional leases as well as providing an amenity for their current members.”

We stand by those who try, believe in their own talents,

dream of a better life, and say I can do this!

“The exciting thing about our market is the mail service,” Andrea says. “Office Evolution was permitted to remain open during the pandemic and is deemed an essential service…There is no commute. Just hop in the car, there’s ample parking, small locations, a predictable community, the locations are locally owned and operated, there’s accountability and a sense of safety. Our floor plan has private offices to allow for natural social distancing.”

Ohana—the family feel is the philosophy behind the brand

Office Evolution has been on the Entrepreneur 500 Best of the Best list for the past five years and counting! We attribute our success to the caliber of our people—our Ohana family. Our people are number 1, and it’s a true collaborative effort between our dreamers, risk-takers and doers. With a warm embrace, we wrap our arms around them—

We all just roll our sleeves up and support each other!

We are Office Evolution. Join us!

Listen to Andrea on the Global Franchise Podcast

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