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Remote Team-Building Activities That Don’t Feel Forced

While working remotely can have many benefits, from giving you a more flexible schedule to enhancing productivity, it can also have drawbacks. One of the biggest problems businesses face with remote workers is team building and creating a strong community among employees. It’s often easier for team members to form connections and have quick conversations about their life face-to-face. However, there are ways to bring coworkers together and get to know each other when working remotely; it just takes a little extra effort.

How to Keep a Remote Team Connected

One of the best ways to help your team feel connected and engaged is to provide opportunities for communication. The more connected coworkers feel with one another, the more confident they will feel going to each other with questions and concerns. Team building activities are necessary for building connections, especially when working remotely.

Team-building activities should be fun and low-pressure. See which ones will work for your team.

10 Remote Team-Building Games and Activities to Try with Your Team

1. Virtual coffee time

Start the week (or any morning that works for everyone’s schedule) with a virtual meeting dedicated to catching up after the weekend and connecting with remote teams over topics other than work. This is a low-pressure time for people to listen or talk if they like. This is a good way to get a day or week started on a relaxing and positive note that focuses on creating connections.

2. Virtual happy hour

Similar to Coffee Time, except at the end of the day and with drinks (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?). This is another great way to check in with one another in a relaxed environment. Try breaking this into small groups, or get the whole team involved in one call.

3. Virtual mindfulness activities

Dedicate a time each week where employees can opt to join a video call where they will be led through an activity, such as a short workout, some yoga, or even guided meditation. You could hire a professional coach or trainer to lead the sessions for some weeks and have employees volunteer to share their favorite activities with others. Not only is this a great way to connect in a low-pressure way that doesn’t require discussion, but it will also help your team reset during a busy week and get your blood flowing.

4. Show-and-tell

Have team members bring an object that means something to them to a virtual meeting. During the meeting, each member will share their object and why it’s significant to them. This activity can take a bit of time depending on the size of your team but choosing a theme can help people select their objects more quickly. It’s a great way to get everyone involved and help coworkers learn more about each other.

5. Home office scavenger hunt

See who on your team is the most prepared with work essentials. Come up with a list of common home office items, such as a pencil, water bottle, or the family pet. During a virtual meeting, read off the list of items and have team members look around their office space to see which of these items they can find. Whoever has the most wins!

6. Rock paper scissors tournament

Start this activity by pairing up team members for a round of rock paper scissors, best two out of three wins. From there the winners will go on to play another winner. This cycle continues until a rock paper scissors champion has emerged victorious! They will get to keep this coveted title until your next team tournament. This activity is a good way to get each team member to turn their camera on and interact with each other.

7. Pictionary

For an activity that is sure to have everyone laughing and working together, play Pictionary! Break your employees into teams then take turns having a person from each team draw as their team tries to guess what the picture is. Have the drawer share their screen on an application such as Microsoft Word’s “Draw” function. Pictures can be of work-related objects, or something else meaningful to your team.

8. Get to know your team trivia

Have everyone on your team send a random fun fact about themselves. During a team meeting, read off the facts and have people guess whose fact it is. This is another great way to help employees learn more about each other.

9. Virtual book/movie/show club

Does your team have a favorite movie, book, or show that they all love or have been wanting to watch or read? Participants can pick something to watch or read, and then set up a meeting each week or month to discuss it. This is a great way to make connections and create discussion around a common interest outside of work.

10. Personality tests

Find a personality test and have each coworker take it either before or during your meeting. Afterward, have everyone share their results. Not only is this a fun way to connect and learn more about each other, but it will also help team members learn more about each other’s personalities since they are not interacting in person.

Bring Life to Your Office Space

From games to creating moments for discussion, there are team-building activities to accommodate various teams and abilities. If your team works relatively close to one another and is lacking a space to meet and connect, rent a meeting room from Office Evolution. Spend time talking and creating connections in person.

Office Evolution also offers collaborative workspaces. Collaborative workspaces are a good option for coworkers who work remotely but wish to have more in-person interactions and networking opportunities. Office Evolution has private offices, collaborative workspaces, meeting rooms, and virtual offices to meet any of your office needs. Schedule a tour at an Office Evolution near you.