Atlanta Business Radio Interviews Stan Brovont, OE Johns Creek

Office Evolution’s Stan Brovont, his plans for the

Dreamers, Risk-Takers and Doers in Atlanta and, wait—

Did someone say ‘amphitheater?’

Meet Stan Brovont, one of Office Evolution’s newest Business Center Managers. Stan co-owns and operates the OE center in northeast Atlanta, GA, near Johns Creek and Duluth.

Stan was interviewed on Atlanta Business Radio recently, where he shared some insight into his plans for his new Office Evolution location, and it’s pretty intriguing!

After over thirty-five years as a corporate business executive, he found himself in a position to do something new— Stan chose Office Evolution.

“Office evolution impressed me. They are a big believer in family, so they treat all of the franchise owners as family members, and they encourage us to treat all of our clients as family members, too.”

Set to open Feb 1, 2021, Stan’s center is located at 6470 E. Johns Crossing in Johns Creek. The area is vibrant, with over 26 nearby restaurants, loads of shopping, three fitness gyms, healthcare and auto services, all within a minute’s walk from the center. Stan says—

“We absolutely are focused on the highest standards of professionalism and quality. Our facility is built with sound insulation in all of the walls. It’s designed to appeal to really serious people willing to invest their time and their money to grow their business. They need a professional environment with all of the services that they might need available to them, and they need a place that they will be proud to entertain their clients and their guests.”

Office Evolution is all about giving people

a quality place to get their work done.

Who are these potential Office Evolution members? Remote workers, small businesses, solopreneurs, and displaced corporate workers who need privacy, safety, and a full-service flexible workspace.

Stan says one of his selling points is that he has a

very well-equipped technology platform that can

integrate with other company’s security paradigms. Plus—

“We implemented individual ducting into each and every office, so that the air exchange is separate from all the others, and the building itself is equipped with hospital-grade filtration. In the common areas, we have plexiglass shields in between all of the desks. The manager has a rigid every-two-hour cleaning schedule. We are trying to provide an environment where people can feel safe.”

Stan’s strategy brings a great sense of shared community, Ohana style!

Going forward, Stan is planning to host a biweekly or monthly round table meeting where all of his members will be invited and will be offered the opportunity to integrate different specialties and share ideas and business initiatives. He is also planning a monthly speaker series where he would bring in his personal network as a resource for knowledge.

And, an amphitheater-style courtyard behind the building

that hosts free concerts isn’t so bad either!

Progressive thinking. That’s Office Evolution. Join us.

Look for the new Atlanta Office Evolution here, or

call 470-567-3773 for more information!

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