How Do You Get a Small Office Space?

For many business owners and self-employed people, the way we do our business has changed dramatically in recent years. Five or ten years ago it would have been less commonplace to find so many people working virtually, whether it be for a company or organization, or for their own businesses. People today are working from home in larger numbers, and of course the need for social distancing as of late has rapidly shifted the way we work in so many ways. 

For many of us the realization that we do not need to be physically on-site for every working hour has come as a huge relief. The flexibility of working remotely allows many of us to do our best work. But we often find ourselves in need of more structure - and a small office space for rent.

Do Downtown Tampa Office Spaces Meet Your Needs?

Whether you have been working from home or without an office for a while or you have just moved to a more virtual work environment, you might find yourself wondering if you could benefit from an office of your own. Finding a small office space for rent and conducting some of your business there when you need the particular amenities or when it is convenient for you can be extremely helpful in meeting your personal and business goals. 

Maintaining your own office space comes with a great deal of expenses and most businesses just are not in a position to take on that overhead cost. However, with a small office space rental you are afforded all the conveniences and necessities of an office space without having to worry about a ton of overhead costs. 

Downtown Tampa office spaces are conveniently located and provide you ample space to work individually or collectively in an office. Finding a small office space for rent is easy if you know what your needs are and follow a few tips to help guide you into finding your dream office. 

When finding a small office space for rent, you should think about not only your current business needs, but also the future of your business. Where is your business heading and what growths or changes are you planning for, working towards or anticipating? Are you currently expanding your workforce? Do you anticipate needing office space for employees other than yourself? If so, you will want to plan to find an office space with room to grow. 

Flexible Solutions 

An important benefit to renting a small office space is that you are not locked in long term to a lease for a space that you know will not satisfy your business needs long term. So, if you are projecting growth and anticipating hiring employees, you should evaluate your timeline for that goal. Perhaps a short term rental of a small office space will suit your needs and allow you to save money on overhead costs until you are ready to expand and grow your team. 

Finding a small office space for rent is pointless unless you are able get a fit that is centrally located and meets your needs for proximity to home, to clients or to your colleagues. An out of the way office does little in the way of providing you convenience or saving you time and money. Downtown Tampa office spaces are available now, so rest assured, you do not need to sacrifice location when finding a small office space for rent. 

Accessibility is something you will want to think about when finding a small office space for rent. We tend to skip over this important detail in the business world sometimes. You may be surprised at just how many factors there are to consider with regard to accessibility. Firstly, is your business working with anyone who is physically disabled? If you are not disabled you may not immediately consider this factor. You should choose an office space that is ADA compliant if you think anything else would be a detriment to your business needs and goals. 

When we talk about accessibility, however, we can also talk about it in terms of location. As we have already mentioned office location is of the utmost importance. You will want your office space to be located in a place where others can access you if needed. Ensure that your office space is in a good location that can be reached by public transportation. If not, is there ample and free parking at your office? Is there pay-by-plate or ticket parking that your meeting attendees can access? 

All of these questions should be sussed out in advance of any lease signing. A third way that we can talk about accessibility is in terms of environment. Is the office space a welcoming and inclusive environment? Does it foster inclusion and equity? Will your meeting attendees or employees feel safe and comfortable in this environment? These are all great questions to have in mind when finding a small office space for rent.

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