The ROI of Shared Office Rentals

Your workspace is one of your most important business expenses. As such, it’s critical that you see a strong ROI on this investment. That’s much easier with the rise of shared office space across the United States.

At Office Evolution, our shared workspaces give you a number of ways to reduce workspace expenses and increase the functionality, usability, and value of your workspace. The result? Stronger workspace ROI for local freelancers, remote workers, startups, and small business owners.

The Affordability of Shared Office Space

The rising popularity of shared office space has been driven by several different factors, but one of the biggest has been affordability. Shared workspaces are perfect for freelancers, remote workers, and bootstrapping entrepreneurs. A shared workspace is a perfect alternative to working from home, where you’re bombarded by distractions, or from the local coffee shop, which wasn’t designed for eight-hour workdays.

At Office Evolution, our shared office memberships start as low as $99/month and come with a range of professional resources and amenities. These include free high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee and tea, and 24/7 use of our shared workspace.

Shared workspace memberships aren’t the only cost-efficient option at our business center. We also offer affordable private office rentals within a shared office setting, perfect for independent professionals and small business owners.

As a shared workspace, we keep the cost of office space low by splitting the costs of office utilities, services, and equipment. Our office rentals are fully furnished and ready for use, and include a wide range of features. These include:

  • Telephone answering services
  • Front desk reception and guest announcement
  • Mail and parcel reception services
  • Inclusive phone and high-speed internet
  • Generous discounts on meeting rooms and day offices
  • Nationwide access to Office Evolution shared office locations

Innovative Workspace Solutions

Joining the shared office community at Office Evolution is a great way to reduce workspace expenses. But this is far from the only benefit our workspace has to offer.

Over the past few years, shared work environments have earned a reputation as hubs of innovation and productivity. In fact, studies have shown that professionals in shared workplaces are happier and more successful.

Why is this? One reason is the sense of community. Shared workplaces are less competitive than traditional offices and afford community members a greater sense of independence. They also bring people together from a range of professional backgrounds. This leads to a supportive and collegial work environment.

Another reason is the kinds of features we mentioned above. A shared workplace makes office resources and equipment more affordable for small-budget professionals. Features like call screening services and conference room rentals allow freelancers and small businesses to compete more easily against larger companies.