Welcome to the Ohana: Samir and Putul Banerjie

Join us as we extend a warm Ohana welcome to Samir and Putul Banerjie, our newest franchisees in Cypress, Texas!

Let the Franchisee—Landlord Magic Begin!

For the first time since Office Evolution has opened its doors in 2003, an existing landlord has become a franchisee, and Office Evolution is particularly excited to announce this special situation—Our newest Ohana family members Samir and Putul Banerjie in Cypress, Texas!

Putul and Samir Banerjie

We spoke with Samir and Putul about the excitement surrounding their own entrepreneurship. See what they have to say!

Samir and Putul have diverse professional and personal backgrounds—

For the past ten years, Samir has focusing on real estate ventures including the development of a multi-building project that will the home of their Office Evolution. He is a computer science graduate with an MBA, has spent the past thirty years in various corporate and consulting jobs, and has founded and operated two IT companies. Putul was working on her Master’s in Indian classical music when she came to the US. She, too, had experience in the IT industry before deciding to focus on the couple’s growing family. The love travelling, spending time with their kids and serving their community in Cypress, where we have lived for more than 20 years.  

They believe that by owning the building and the OE franchise, they can add value to the businesses whom they support—

As commercial real estate owners, Samir says that there is tremendous synergy to establishing an Office Evolution Business Center. It provides a great balance to the tenant profile, and as the building owners, they can brand the building, customize the lease and really help support the success of the franchise.

Samir says the journey is part of the excitement!

Owning the building and running the Office Evolution franchise is a substantial undertaking but an exciting opportunity. They intend to find a great Business Center Manager and leverage Office Evolution’s expertise in order to deliver the best possible customer experience at their business center in Cypress.

They believe Office Evolution’s business model allows for future growth—

Samir says that the “semi-absentee” model is very appealing— They are dedicated to making this first Business Center successful and have plans to gradually scale up in the years to come.

Please welcome Samir and Putul to the Office Evolution Ohana!

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