What Your Office Address Tells Your Clients

Location matters. Ask any real estate agent what matters most about a property, and you will hear the oft-repeated phrase, “location, location, location.”

The same holds true with your office space. Where you choose to do business matters more than what it looks like, how big it is, or how many people you have working there. It’s not a decision to take lightly, as your office’s location can affect everything from the clientele you attract to how people perceive your company. 

Office Location Sends a Message

Open office area with lobby.

Your business location positions you to attract two types of people: customers and talent. Though each group has its own priorities and requirements when vetting potential businesses, both will agree that a good location presents a better image than a business that’s hard to access or looks outwardly unprofessional.

In essence, choosing the right location for a business is based on strategy. Ultimately, where you choose to house your business will allow you to remain competitive in the market. For example, you might notice that many law offices or tax professionals are in close proximity to each other in your town. This is often done by design because a certain area of town may be better suited to attract the type of clientele that need those services. In some cases, a certain district may become known as the go-to place for certain services (like Wall Street in New York City, for example).

Whether you realize it or not, your location is sending a message to your audience, and you can take full control over that message to ensure it reflects the image and objectives you want to achieve. 

NC-High-Point-G (8)What to Prioritize When Choosing a Location

As you’re exploring office solutions, it can be difficult to recognize what makes a good location in the first place. While you may think you’ve found a great place in a high traffic area, other factors may determine that your location isn’t as good as it appears on the surface. 

How can you tell the difference? Keep the following priorities in mind when vetting office building locations:

  • Accessibility: Can customers easily get to your office, both in terms of parking and in gaining access to the building? 
  • Location of competition: Are there competitors in the area? If so, do they seem to be doing well? If not, have competitors found a more suitable area of town?
  • Growth: Does the location allow for easy scalability as you grow? Can the parking lot accommodate a larger team than what you have now?
  • Safety: Is the location generally safe? Is it in an area with low crime, and is the parking lot well lit? Will visitors feel safe coming to see you in the office?

Increase Your Brand Visibility

At Office Evolution, we’ve taken care to select office space in high visibility areas with a professional reputation. We’re committed to helping our members get the biggest benefit for their private office investment by placing you in the proximity of local business communities. 

With the right location, you can better support your brand’s reputation and connect with your desired audience. Find the Office Evolution location nearest you to take a tour of your next office space.