When Does Month-to-Month Office Space Make Sense?

Your office space is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your business. It’s the place where all the magic happens, so you want your environment to inspire and put your company’s best foot forward.

Office goals aside, there are a lot of variables that go into picking out the perfect office space, especially if you’re a startup. Your current needs may look extremely different in a few months’ time, and your office space will likely need to shift to accommodate these differences. 

Many companies opt for a short-term office space that can change with their needs. Consider the benefits of skipping the traditional lease and going straight for a month-to-month option.

You’re Not Sure about Your Space Needs


What do you think your business will look like this time next year? Will you have a larger team? More clients? More office locations?

Businesses go through changes each year as they grow or shrink, and these changes affect the office environment. You don’t want to cram ten employees into an office space that’s really only made for four. 

If you aren’t sure about what your business might look like in the coming months or years, it’s a good idea to use a short-term office so you aren’t locked into a big financial commitment.

You Have a Tight Budget

Acquiring a five-year lease on a typical office is a major undertaking, and that’s just for the square footage. Things like electricity, water, office furniture, and general upkeep can tack on hundreds of dollars per month to your overhead. Naturally, the more overhead you’re responsible for, the longer it takes to see a profit. 

If money is tight, a short-term office rental can be a major money-saver, even if it’s not necessarily for the short term. Office spaces like Office Evolution include everything you need in an office for one price. You don’t have to purchase your own desks and chairs. You never see a bill for lighting or the internet. You don’t have to worry about work orders, landscaping, or the myriad of other little expenses that can pop up.

You Need Space Quickly

5 - Drop-In Space 2

It can take months of searching for the perfect office space, and once you find one you can afford and that will fit your needs, it can take weeks or months to build it out to your specifications. 

Coworking spaces thrive on the short-term model. There are always businesses and solopreneurs coming and going, so you can usually secure a spot quickly and get right to work.

You Value Flexibility

Short-term office spaces give you more flexibility than a traditional office lease. As you grow, all you need to do is add another desk or private office, both of which are usually readily available in coworking spaces. This way, you only pay for the space you need and can flex your options as you scale.

Get Short-Term Office Space with Office Evolution!

There’s an office for every business and every need, and it’s important to consider your options before pulling the trigger. When you choose your office space wisely, you’re able to better use the resources that can help you achieve bigger goals. Find the Office Evolution location nearest you to take a tour and explore your options!