People working in a shared workspace. One is holding a coffee cup, the other is on the phone.

Why Solopreneurs Love Shared Workspaces

Solopreneurs are often left out of the professional office loop. Being a one-person enterprise, you may not have the funds for a fancy office building (and all the overhead that comes with it). But you also don’t want to entertain clients in your home office, and your local coffee shop just isn’t cutting it. 

Freelancers, contractors, and consultants that are looking to get out of the house without sinking themselves into debt may find that a shared office space checks all the boxes.

Open office workspace with large windows and long office tables.Unique Workers Need Unique Office Spaces

Solopreneurs are a special piece of entrepreneurship in that you may have no intentions to expand. You may be completely satisfied with being both the face and hands of your business. 

It might seem illogical that your solo venture can better thrive in the company of others, but having a private workspace outside of your home office allows you to tune out the distractions and noise of working from home or your local cafe. 

The main difference is you’re among others who are likely seeking the same level of immersion and success as you are. Dozens of solopreneurs are working under the same roof for different reasons, and the energy that results can give you the motivation and encouragement you’d never get from working alone.

The Benefits of Being Solo and Social

Being in business for yourself doesn’t have to mean working alone. Shared office spaces are continually proving why being solo and social strikes the ideal balance for success.

Focused Work When You Need It

Even though you’re in a shared office space, your private workspace can cut you off from the rest of the world so you can focus on your business. All the little nuisances that slow you down at home vanish; there are no issues to attend to, no interruptions, and no blending of work and home life.  

Face to Face Interactions on Your Terms

Coworking spaces can be excellent networking tools. You get a chance to meet other professionals that may be able to benefit from your services or help you solve challenges. Many spaces also host community events where you can network, or you can host your own event and watch your business grow.

Office office space with with standup desks.Professional Amenities

A shared workspace means sharing the costs for professional amenities. Things like a personal receptionist, conference room, and technology can be expensive for a solopreneur, but a shared office space puts these and more within your reach at a discount.

Time and Cost Savings

Working at home might mean no morning commute, but how much time are you wasting on other activities? 

Ringing doorbells from delivery people, drop-ins from family members, internet issues, and going out to grab a coffee eat into your workday and can kill your productivity – and your profits. Each time you’re taken out of the zone, getting back into your groove isn’t always instantaneous.

A shared office space keeps you focused on work so you can spend less time making the same amount of money (or the same amount of time making more money!).

Growing Solo: Find a Shared Workspace Near You

Every coworking community is different, but each one offers similar benefits that push you to do your best work and grow your business. You’re in control over when and how you interact with others. And, you get a functional office space that fits within the solopreneur budget, giving you the professional benefits of an office without the overhead. 

Solopreneurs and the shared workspace are made for each other. How will yours help your business grow? Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and see for yourself the benefits of shared workspace for solopreneurs.