Coworking space with people all working on computers

Why You Should Consider Coworking

As telecommuting and freelancing become more common, coworking is turning into a viable alternative to working from home or a traditional office. There are several advantages to coworking, including increased social interaction, access to conference rooms, and the ability to establish a better work-life balance.

What is Coworking

Coworking is an office-sharing arrangement between individuals and (sometimes) small businesses. In some cases, the arrangement is very informal: A business owner who owns or leases a too-large office space then sublets desks and offices to others. Coworking spaces also operate as formal businesses, renting out desk and office space to freelancers, telecommuters, and even business travelers. Operation models vary, with some coworking businesses charging daily, weekly, or monthly rent, while others sell memberships that allow the member to make use of the workspace and its amenities. Coworking spaces usually don’t use long-term membership contracts or leases.

Space arrangements in a coworking office also vary. Some coworking businesses rent out desk space on a first-come, first-served basis – you bring your laptop to work each day and sit down at any available workspace. Other offices are more formal, assigning out desks or offices to members. Depending on the space and arrangement, you may have formal offices and open-plan seating available to choose from.

In addition to offering office space and shared use of amenities, some coworking space owners actively encourage collaboration between members by sponsoring networking events or “getting to know you” websites that allow members to introduce themselves to one another.

Why Coworking?

While working from home is a good option for some, other people choose to rent and commute to a coworking office every day. Here’s why:

1. Reduced Stress

Leaving work at the office is a lot easier when you actually have an office to leave. Working from home can be stressful, particularly if there’s no home office or segregated workspace to retreat to. Some people who work at home feel guilty if they aren’t working all the time. This can create tension with other family members while also making relaxation difficult.

2. Improved Time Management

Kids, pets, neighbors, delivery drivers, televisions, kitchens, and books are all big distractions. Many people find minimizing workday interruptions difficult, and numerous interruptions can turn an eight-hour workday into a twelve or fourteen-hour one.

3. More Social Interaction

This isn’t important for everyone, but some folks appreciate getting out and having the chance to talk and interact with others in a business setting.

4. Networking Opportunities

Coworkers can be great prospects or sources of referrals.

5. A Professional Setting

A coworking office offers telecommuters and freelancers a professional, quiet alternative to meeting with clients at home or in coffee shops.

6. Low Maintenance Requirement

Management or owners of coworking spaces assume the responsibility for the maintenance of offices and shared equipment.

7. Less Expensive and Less Risky Than Private Office Rental

Renting a private office, particularly in a large city, is a pricy option. Rents are usually high, as is the cost of furnishing the office, buying office equipment, paying utility bills, cleaning the space, and paying contractors to address any necessary building maintenance. In addition, many commercial landlords require tenants to sign long-term leases. Tenants with cash flow problems, or those who need to leave town for business travel, may find themselves stuck paying rent even when they can’t afford it, or don’t need the space. Coworking allows members to share the costs of utilities, Internet, and office machines while offering short-term membership plans.

Final Word

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