• professionals coworking in denver

    Coworking in Denver: 5 Proven Career Benefits

    Thanks to its dynamic and innovative economy, Denver is one of America’s best cities for independent professionals. The same forward-thinking spirit that’s driving our city is also reshaping the way we work. Fifteen years ago, Denver professionals were some of the first to recognize the effectiveness of shared workspaces. Now, coworking spaces play a vital role in the Denver metro area, driving innovation and helping local professionals thrive like never before.

  • professionals coworking in cherry creek

    Coworking in Cherry Creek: 5 Professional Benefits

    Over the past decade, coworking has become more and more popular in the Denver metro area and neighborhoods like Cherry Creek. But if you haven’t experienced coworking for yourself, you might be wondering what’s made this such a powerful trend.

  • professionals coworking in nashville

    5 Reasons Nashville Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

    Right now, Nashville is one of the best cities in America for independent professionals. Our city boasts one of the nation’s fastest growing and most dynamic economies, offering endless opportunities for freelancers, independent contractors, and small business owners. Nashville also offers dynamic work environments — environments where professionals thrive like never before. Environments like the coworking space at Office Evolution® Nashville.

  • professionals coworking in downtown columbus

    5 Reasons You'll Thrive by Coworking in Downtown Columbus


    What’s the way to boost your career in Columbus, OH? If recent studies are any indication, joining a local coworking space in downtown Columbus might be the answer. While the shared workspace movement has been around for more than a decade, we’ve only begun to understand how impactful coworking can be. Research conducted over the past few years has uncovered benefits to shared work environments that most people never thought possible.

  • professionals coworking in lakewood

    5 Proven Career Benefits to Coworking in Lakewood

    Over the past few years, coworking has become more and more popular in Lakewood and the surrounding communities like Wheat Ridge, Sloans Lake, and Edgewater. In fact, shared workspaces are reshaping the business landscape of the entire Denver metro area. If you work in one of these spaces, that isn’t surprising. But if you don’t, you’re probably wondering why everyone seems to be searching for a local coworking space in Lakewood.

  • professionals coworking in hackensack

    5 Reasons You'll Thrive in a Hackensack Coworking Space

    Your work environment has a big impact on your worklife. The right space will make you more comfortable and productive, it will create new professional opportunities, and it will help you live the career you’ve always wanted. But that’s only if you find the right space — more easily said than done in a competitive market like Hackensack in Bergen County, New Jersey. The good news? The right space is closer and more affordable than ever thanks to the coworking space at Office Evolution® Hackensack. 

  • professionals coworking in centerville

    How Coworking Spaces Can Help Centerville Professionals Thrive

    The shared workspace movement started to pick up speed in the mid-2000s and has grown exponentially ever since. Office Evolution® Centerville offered one of the first true coworking spaces in Centerville, and we’ve been on the forefront of the shared workspace movement ever since we first opened our doors.