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Coworking and Business Centers

Some call it coworking. At Office Evolution, we prefer the term shared workspaces because it does a better job of conveying the strong, productive communities at each of our locations. We provide more than a nice desk and chair for you to sit and work; each of our workspaces has a culture of success — which is exactly what you need to help your business thrive.


Coworking Is Connecting

The word coworking connotes working near other people, but having provided coworking space for more than a decade, we've seen the power of a collaborative space. At Office Evolution's business centers, independent professionals with complementary skills have connected and helped to grow each other's businesses, or in some cases even joined forces and merged companies. You might meet an interesting character at a coffee shop, but you're not as likely to have the opportunity to network with professionals who are truly your peers. Office Evolution attracts smart, accomplished professionals. Our 60+ locations are filled with attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers, consultants, property managers, and many other entrepreneurs.


Coworking Is Convenient

One of the largest drivers for using coworking or shared workspace that we see is the need to get out of the house. Working from home is convenient — zero commute. For many of us though, it's a challenge to stay focused on work tasks when the kitchen needs cleaning and laundry needs moving. What's even worse are the times you're on a business phone call or video conference when the doorbell rings and the dog starts barking. We've all been there. Our shared workspaces are structured to provide the convenience you enjoy about working from home, but without the downsides that can make you come across as unprofessional. Many of our locations offer free and abundant parking, so coming in and getting to work is easy. We admit, you can't exactly roll out of bed and stroll in wearing your pajamas, but how many times have you worked from home and realized mid-afternoon that you still haven't taken a shower? There are a lot of upsides about having a place to go.


Coworking Is Cost Effective

Another motivation for working out of your house is the cost. But even compared to $0/mo to stay home, coworking space at Office Evolution still wins. For as little as $99*/mo you can become a member of a working community that provides you with:

  • a professional, comfortable work space that's available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • wifi and ethernet access
  • the use of conference rooms and meeting spaces
  • a community of professionals who are either in your shoes or who have been
  • a cheery receptionist who greets and impresses your clients
  • complementary beverages, including tea and coffee

If it helps you and your business climb to the next level, $99* is a very smart and doable expense. Our Professional Plan, starting at $179*/mo, gives you everything listed above plus our business mailing address plan, so instead of your business address being in a residential neighborhood and exposing more about your personal life than you should, your business address at Office Evolution provides credibility and shows your business is conducted in a professional place. (*Prices vary by location and are subject to availability)