Why You Need a Private Office in Austin

Any Texan business owner knows the importance of a brand’s image. For example, if you run an accountancy, law, real estate, or tech firm, you cannot settle for anything less than a private office. However, achieving this feat doesn’t mean investing in a large building or a long term lease that you don’t need.

If you want a private workspace for your company without blowing all your budget overnight, you can look for an office for rent that offers private offices with coworking options. These spaces provide you with many similar benefits to leasing an office long-term but with distinct advantages.

Let’s discuss some of the top reasons for getting a private office in Austin.


A recent Coworker article reveals that renting a private office within a shared space can be up to 70% more cost-effective than traditional office spaces with 30 workers.

If your company is in the early stages, this is beneficial because a massive down payment can put a significant dent in your budget. At Office Evolution, we offer tech startups and other companies an opportunity to grow and get the funding they need to succeed without going bankrupt.

Maximum Flexibility

Leasing private office space in Austin may seem like a steal, but it can quickly become a disadvantage if your business requirements change. You might end up with unused space, outgrowing your office, or find yourself relocating to another location. You can only free yourself from liability if you find another company willing to assume your obligations.

Our new space in the Austin Arboretum area provides tenants with flexible month-to-month office rental options ideal for startup companies. We have these spaces available for tenants:

  • Fully furnished dedicated workspaces
  • Micro offices
  • Dedicated desks

At Office Evolution, we offer unmatched flexibility on rent and space options.

Increased Productivity

For a private office to boost productivity, designers should cater to varying work styles and requirements. In most cases, employees prefer having variety in their work environments. These setups are conducive to inspiring employees during different stages of the business.

Office Evolution provides clients in Austin with an ideal work area surrounded by unmatched creative energy. We offer the following amenities:

  • 35 fully furnished private offices, including 8 micro offices
  • A large board room style 14-seater conference room
  • A video conference room for small meetings
  • Free parking in the covered garage
  • Free, fast dedicated fiber internet access
  • Two day offices for flexible use
  • A top-of-the-line business lounge with complimentary coffee and tea

Networking Opportunities

Another advantage of renting a private office is enjoying several networking opportunities daily — depending on how you use your time in Austin Arboretum.

Spending time in a coworking space gives you access to professionals from various industries such as tech startups, financial consultants, and advertising agencies. If you play your cards right, you can skip the next networking event and focus on the companies already within your work vicinity. One productive day in the office could get you contacts, referrals, and collaborations.

Like-Minded Individuals

As many people discovered during the pandemic, working at home can become stressful. People working from home sometimes feel isolated from their team.

If you want to gather your group without the massive overhead expenses, we recommend trying coworking spaces. Apart from networking opportunities, they can provide your employees with a transformative environment of like-minded individuals.

Take Your Business to New Heights

If you’re looking for a private workspace in Austin to help you take your business to new heights, call us now at (512) 375-4100. We’ll help you find the ideal private office for you — with the right size and amenities and without hidden costs.