Dear Office Evolution Broomfield Member,

At Office Evolution, our community comes first. As a partner to you and your business, we continue to closely monitor the impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and we strive to ensure the health and safety of our collective employees, franchisees, BCMs and members.

EFFECTIVE TUESDAY 3/17/20 our BCM staff will be in the office on a LIMITED BASES. Your BCM will be in the office each day from 8:00am – 10:00am each day to, sort and process mail and packages, restock coffee & kitchen supplies, and wipe down all common areas. Otherwise, they will be working from home and therefore actively checking and responding to all phone calls and emails so if you need to reach us please do so as normal.

Broomfield location – [email protected]

DOCUMENT DROP OFF – IF YOU HAVE CLIENTS DROPPING DOCUMENTS OFF – please instruct them to place documents in the bottom drawer of the wooden cabinet behind my chair for you to pick up at your convenience. Please instruct them to have everything clearly labeled with their name and yours on their document. I will provide envelopes, tape and markers for their convenience.

NO WITNESSING – OUR STAFF IS CURRENTLY PROHIBITED FROM ACTING AS A SIGNING WITNESS FOR ANY MEMBER. NOTARIZATIONS will only be provided at the front desk and only after they have completed their other tasks. Our goal is to minimize their exposure to outside parties so we can continue to operate a safe workspace for all members, guests and our staff.

IF YOU ARE COUGHING OR SHOWING ANY FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS – DO NOT COME TO THE OFFICE. If you need anything from your office, contact us to make arrangements to have a third party pick stuff up for you.

ALSO, IF YOU ARE SHOWING ANY FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS – DO NOT SELF-QUARINTINE IN YOUR OFFICE. If you are showing any flu-like symptoms, we have authorized our staff to immediately ask you to leave Office Evolution.

NO SICK GUESTS – IF YOUR GUESTS SHOW UP WITH ANY FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS – DO NOT ALLOW THEM INTO THE OFFICE. Ask them to leave immediately and let us know where they may have been in the space.

24/7 ACCESS REMAINS ACTIVE – Doors will still be open to my suite 8am-5pm M-F and the building doors will be open 6am-6pm M-F, as well as 8am-1pm on Saturdays and you will still have 24/7 access with your FOB. As such, as long as you are healthy, please continue to use the space as you desire. Please note – Business address / Mail plan members must pick-up mail during normal 8:00am – 5:00pm business hours.

DROP IN SPACE – please be respectful of others using the space and allow for safe distancing to anyone else working in the space.

PHONES ANSWERING – Our call center is set up to allow for staff to work remotely when answering your phones. There will be NO DISRUPTION in these services. If you need your calls forwarded to a different cell or home phone number, please contact your business center manager via EMAIL to assist you.

COFFEE STILL SUPPLIED – We will do our best to keep the coffee machines full, operational and disposable cups, plates and utensils stocked for your use. We encourage their use in the common space until the virus has passed.

IF YOU ARE DIAGNOSED WITH COVID-19, PLEASE NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY and Let us know when you were last in the office space.
If you wish to go to the office, you are certainly free to do so, however with this partial staffing, please know that our business center will be frequently unstaffed. This means that mail delivery, package reception & sanitation initiatives will be subject to the above schedule and further modification.

We sincerely care about the health and well-being of everyone in our Office Evolution “Ohana” (community). We hope you and your families all stay healthy and we can all be back in the office together soon.

Thank you,

Mary Jesse
Business Center Manager, Broomfield
11001 W. 120th Ave., Suite 400
Broomfield, CO 80021
[email protected]

Stephanie Sigler
General Manager, Company Owned Operations
[email protected]